CFM56-7 Shaft Seal Repair

Engine Pump Repairs

Hangar Repair Solution for CFM56-7 Shaft Seals (SB 828300-73-111)

Eaton’s expansive product portfolio includes the main engine fuel pump for CFM56-7 engines. In 2008, Eaton revised the CFM56-7 shaft seal to eliminate frequent, low-volume leaks. While the revision achieved its goal, the shaft seal began to experience occasional heavy-volume leaks due to unexpected axial movement during engine shutdown and startup cycles.

Working closely with our OEM partners, Eaton developed a cost-effective upgrade solution that eliminates the potential for axial motion and provides increased closing force. To support the timely and cost-effective implementation of this improvement, Eaton and CFM agreed to allow upgrades to be performed in a hangar environment.

This Eaton training video demonstrates how to install the new shaft seal for Service Bulletin 828300-73-111 and provides advice regarding your decision to incorporate the change in a hangar environment. Eaton recommends that operators watch the video in its entirety and decide if local installation of the shaft seal right for you.

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