Steel Adapters

steel-adapters When Eaton's carbon steel adapters are used with other Eaton fluid conveyance products, the system can operate at higher pressures compared to SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) standards. In addition, all carbon steel adapters now come standard with Dura-Kote plating, which offers up to 1,000 hours of corrosion resistance.

Common markets include machine building, mining, metals and minerals, mobile machinery and equipment, oil and gas, rail, renewables, and vehicles.

Addresses these engineering challenges:

  • Steel adapter that works with higher pressures
  • Resists rust longer
  • Standardized product to fit any application

Product Features

  • Pressure: Higher working pressures when all Eaton fluid conveyance components are used together
  • Performance: Introducing Eaton's Dura-Kote™ plating which now provides up to 3x more corrosion protection
  • Industry standards: Eaton's Carbon Steel Adapters are manufactured in accordance with SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Standards
  • Various sizes and thread end connections available

Technical Information

  • Some of the available configurations include:
    • SAE O-ring
    • Split Flange
    • SAE 45 Degree Flare
    • SAE 37 Degree Flare (JIC)
    • Pipe
    • Metric/BSPP/BSPT

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Additional Information

3D models
4205X12, 4205X16, 4205X6X6, 4205X8X8, 4315X10, 4315X12, 4315X12X16, 4315X16, 4315X16X12, 4315X16X20, 4315X20, 4315X20X16, 4315X24, 4315X4, 4315X4X6, 4315X6, 4315X6X10, 4315X6X4, 4315X6X8, 4315X8, 4315X8X10, 4315X8X12, 4315X8X6, 4325X12, 4325X16, 4325X6, 4325X8, 4515X12, 4515X16, 4515X16X12, 4515X6, 4515X8, 7237X10, 7237X12, 7237X14, 7237X16, 7237X20, 7237X24, 7237X3, 7237X32, 7237X4, 7237X5, 7237X6, 7237X8, 9100X10X6, 9100X10X8, 9100X12X12, 9100X12X8, 9100X16X12, 9100X16X16


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