4S/6S Series Spiral Hose Fittings

4S/6S Series Spiral Hose Fitting This new series of spiral hose fittings incorporate three major advancements to provide a robust, practical and complete engineered hose assembly system. The "4S/6S" name refers to the 4-spiral and 6-spiral wire reinforcement of the hose approved with the respective "4S" and "6S" series fittings.

The 4S/6S Series of spiral hose fittings are applicable for use in high pressure hydraulic systems found in mobile machinery and equipment, mining, metals and minerals, oil and gas, machine building, and vehicles markets. Hydraulic hose is commonly specified in the above markets by industry specification (SAE / EN) or operating pressure.

Product Features

  • Dura-Seal™ Technology
    • Higher impulse cycle life performance
    • Class 0 Cool-Down Leakage per SAE J1176 when hoses are assembled with the 4S/6S spiral hose fitting series
  • Dura-Kote™ Plating Technology with superior corrosion resistance
    • Hose fittings that offer three times the corrosion protection on carbon steel fittings as compared to competitive hose fittings
    • Eaton‘s Dura-Kote protected hydraulic fittings provide up to 1000 hours of corrosion protection, resulting in longer assembly life in harsh environments
  • MatchMate Spiral - Engineered hose assembly system that matches the correct hose and hose fitting approved to be assembled together.

Featured Literature

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4S/6S Series Spiral Hose Fittings – Catalog

This new series of spiral hose fittings incorporates major advancements in fitting design that provides a higher performing spiral hose assembly for the most demanding applications while using a simple more user friendly three step hose and hose fitting assembly process. Introducing Eaton's next generation spiral hose fitting design.
Aeroquip 4S/6S Catalog
Weatherhead 4S/6S Catalog

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5 reasons to switch to Eaton rubber hydraulic hose fittings
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Additional Information

3D Models

4S20FHA16, 4SA16MR16, 6S16CT16, 6S16CTA16, 6S16CTB16, 6S16FH16, 6S16FHA16, 6S16FHB16, 6S16FL16, 6S16FLA16, 6S16FLB16, 6S20CT16, 6S20CTA16, 6S20CTB16, 6S20CTD16, 6S20CTE16, 6S20CTF16, 6S20CTG16, 6S20FHA16, 6S20FHB16, 6S20FLA16, 6SA16FJ16, 6SA16FR16, 6SA20FR16, 6SA20FRA16, 6SA20FRB16, 4S12BFA12, 4S12BFB12, 4S12CT12, 4S12CTA12, 4S12CTB12, 4S12FH12, 4S12FHA12, 4S12FHB12, 4S12FL12, 4S12FLA12, 4S12FLB12, 4S16CT12, 4S16CT16, 4S16CTA12, 4S16CTA16, 4S16CTB12, 4S16CTB16, 4S16FH12, 4S16FH16, 4S16FHA12, 4S16FHA16, 4S16FHB16, 4S16FL12 and 4S16FL16


Eaton's New 4S/6S Series Spiral Hose Fittings Provide Best in Class Technology for High Pressure Hydraulic Systems

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