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LifeSense Hydraulic Hose Condition Monitoring System – Prevents Hose Failure The LifeSense® hose condition monitoring system is a revolutionary monitoring system that detects impending hydraulic hose failure and alerts operators and maintenance crews so they can schedule maintenance and plan downtime. Instead of waiting for a hose to fail or replacing it long before the end of its useful life – both of which are costly – the LifeSense system continuously monitors hose condition via electrical signals and generates an alert when the hose starts to experience internal fatigue. So you can get maximum performance while proactively protecting workers, equipment and the environment.

What is condition based monitoring?

Condition based monitoring utilizes technology to monitor the health of a hose in real time. It differs from predictive maintenance solutions since it is diagnostic rather than prognostic.

Other manufacturers use equations and historical data to predict service life, but every application is different and used differently throughout its life exposing their users to more risk.

Benefits of a LifeSense Hose Condition Monitoring System:

  • Realize up to 50 percent more hydraulic hose life
  • Diminish wasteful preventive maintenance practices by replacing hoses only when necessary
  • Protect the environment by minimizing damage caused by hydraulics leaks and spills
  • Optimize equipment uptime by detecting and warning of impending hose failure in time to take action
  • Improve maintenance efficiency by automating inspections with on-going, real-time monitoring
  • Increased safety for workers, equipment, and the environment

Technical Information

  • System electronically monitors entire length of the hydraulic hose assembly.
  • 12- or 24-volt direct current
  • Sensor monitors and detects potential issues and transmits data to hose diagnostic unit
  • Sensors have IP67 and IP69k rating.
  • Wired Hose Diagnostic Unit continuously monitors 11 hose assemblies, providing a visual alert to signal an impending hose failure.
  • Wireless Hose Diagnostic Unit continuously monitors 100 hose assemblies using a 433 MHz frequency communication protocol.
  • Wireless Hose Diagnostic Unit transmits performance data regularly to provide SMS text and email messages to signal impending hose failure.
  • Remote monitoring via web portal.
  • LifeSense Component Specifications


Machine Building
  • CNC Machining
  • Metal /Hydro Forming
  • Metal Stamping and Shearing
  • Plastic Injection Molding

Mining, Metals and Minerals
  • Ball Mill
  • Coal Mill
  • Foundry Casting
  • Off-Highway Dump Trucks
  • Steel Mill Furnaces

Mobile Machinery and Equipment
  • Aerial Work Platforms (Scissor & Boom)
  • Crane
  • Lift Trucks
  • Mowers
  • Telehandler

Rail Applications
  • Material Handling

Food and Beverage
  • Food Ingredient Presses
  • In-plant Processing

  • Refuse Truck
  • Transit Mixer

Featured Literature

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Success Stories:

Greenbrier golf club chooses LifeSense to protect greens
The Greenbrier’s golf club takes center stage each year when it hosts The Greenbrier Classic, featuring the world’s top professional golfers. Read how they decided it wasn’t worth taking any chances and turned to Eaton’s LifeSense hydraulic hose condition monitoring system to keep their greens in perfect condition.
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When hose failure is not an option, LifeSense Stands Guard Brochure
Unexpected hydraulic hose failure poses a significant challenge to hydraulic customers around the globe. Read how LifeSense Technology detects impending hose failure so you can take action.
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LifeSense Master Catalog
contains general information, LifeSense component specifications, assembly, installation and service manual instructions
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Articles and White Papers

Maximize equipment efficiency through proper hydraulic hose and tube routing
By Mike P. Beining
Read how good machine designs foster good maintenance and learn the 10 general rules that will help you correctly route and properly install fluid conveying components during machine prototyping.

Nine reasons why hydraulic hoses fail Hydraulic hose life is cut short by many factors that can be controlled. Poor routing is a leading cause of hydraulic hose failure. Read entire article

The New Wave of Hydraulic System Monitoring by Mike Beining, Eaton
Explores predictive maintenance techniques specific to the hydraulics market and the trend toward electrification which allows for increased diagnostic and monitoring of equipment.

Monitor Wizards written by Richard Carr, iVT International Magazine, June 2016
As the internet of things begins to take hold, smart components like LifeSense hose that offer condition-based monitoring and diagnostics could be the magic formula that means unexpected downtime a thing of the past. Read article

Condition Monitoring - Predictive Maintenance of Hydraulic Systems Components
Predictive maintenance techniques can reduce unplanned downtime and increase productivity, saving a significant amount of profit in the hydraulic system market.

Preventing Hydraulic Hose Failure with Condition Monitoring
Hydraulic hose failure is responsible for high costs resulting from lost productivity, negative environmental effects, and collateral damage safety.


lifesense Video
Eaton’s LifeSense hose system uses smart technology to alert you before a big problem occurs so you can protect your equipment, workers and the environment. Watch this video to learn more about the smartest hoses in the industry.
lifesense Presentaion
Golf courses invest heavily in maintenance equipment to keep their greens and fairways in perfect condition. Yet this same equipment can jeopardize the very turf it’s designed to maintain: by exposing your course to the risk of hydraulic hose failure, fluid leaks and turf burn. Watch this 5 minute presentation to see how Eaton’s LifeSense system can help you avoid unnecessary costs and protect your operation.

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LifeSense Value Calculator
Investing in a LifeSense System could help improve your bottom line. Use our LifeSense value calculator find out how much you could save.


Preventative measures taken by the team at The Greenbrier reduces the risk of hydraulic hose failure  from Golf Course Industry Magazine

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