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GH001Refrigerant AC hose

Experience the mobile A/C hose that's setting a new standard: the Eaton GH001 EverCool hose

GH001Refrigerant AC hoseCustomers today are demanding more from their vehicles. Each and every component and system has to work harder and last longer, delivering consistent results mile after mile.

Couple that with evolving environmental standards that will soon force a change in refrigerants, and you have manufacturers wondering how to design vehicles that are both productive and environmentally sustainable.

Designed to take the heat and go the distance

With industry-leading features like near-zero permeation, a tighter bend radius and the widest temperature range in its class, the Eaton® GH001 EverCool™ mobile A/C hose is an SAE J2064 Type E hose that's setting an entirely new standard for performance, flexibility and durability. Plus, the GH001 EverCool hose is qualified with several refrigerants and refrigerant oils including the emission-reducing R1234yf, helping you meet a variety of customer, industry and environmental requirements with a single, versatile hose. Forget sacrifices and tradeoffs – with the GH001 EverCool hose, you can help customers meet productivity goals and sustainability guidelines with ease.

Industry-leading features that set a new standard for hose performance.

  • Near-zero permeation Eaton’s patent-pending tube technology virtually eliminates gas loss (<1kg/m2/yr with R1234yf), reducing the environmental impact and the downtime and costs associated with “topping off”
  • Widest temperature range – Where traditional Type C or E hoses fail due to heat fatigue, the GH001 EverCool hose is rated for -40°C to +140°C, delivering outstanding performance in the most extreme conditions
  • Exceeds SAE requirements – The GH001 EverCool hose far exceeds SAE J2064 performance standards for coupling integrity, vibration and impulse life, giving you complete confidence it can handle your application and then some

Durable construction that's built to wear better and last longer.

  • UV-resistant hose cover GH001 EverCool
    hose has an ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber cover that protects against damaging sunlight, enabling longer hose life
  • Wear- and collapse-resistant – Unique four-layer hose construction (tube, backing layer, poly braid and EPDM cover) is tough enough to resist wear and collapse, making it ideal for the most demanding applications
  • Outstanding warranty terms – Eaton’s 3-year warranty is among the best in the business, helping you get through your warranty period with fewer issues

Superior versatility that's easy to spec and even easier to install.

  • Qualified with more refrigerants and oils – The GH001 EverCool hose is qualified with R134a, R1234yf, R404a, R407C, R410 and others, plus POE, PAG, mineral oil and alkybenzene, helping you meet a variety of standards with a single versatile hose
  • Superior flexibility and kink resistance – With the tightest bend radius in its class, the GH001 EverCool hose gives you more install flexibility, reducing the likelihood for hose damage
  • Multiple Eaton-made fitting options – The GH001 EverCool hose can be factory crimped or field crimped using the Eaton E-Z Clip™ fitting system, ensuring when you purchase an Eaton hose, it’s securely and reliably sealed

Global network of Eaton-certified experts that offer end-to-end service and support.

  • More partners in more regions – Growing network of distributors around the world ensures there’s local service and support almost anywhere you need it
  • World-class hose assembly capabilities – Our expert distribution partners are trained to help with everything from specifying to sizing to assembly, so you can trust it’ll be done right the first time
  • Eaton-certified and Eaton-standardized – Every distributor team member and every assembly facility is regularly certified and standardized by Eaton, ensuring our partners are up to date on the latest products, practices and safety guidelines

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