GH100 and GH101 Biodiesel Hose


GH100 and GH101 Biodiesel Hose

It’s no secret that truck and mobile machine engine compartments are taking more heat. Regulations such as EPA 07 and EPA 10 in already hot climates, plus the growing use of high-percentage biodiesel fuels and new synthetic oils for applications including transmission oil cooler (TOC), are creating conditions that significantly shorten hose life. Standard hoses that aren’t compatible with biofuels can prematurely crack, leak or burst at high temperatures, leading to a whole host of safety, liability and warranty issues. You might not always know where your trucks or machines go, or what kind of fuel the customer will use, but with the new family of biodiesel hose from Eaton, you can rest easy.

Introducing the Eaton® GH100 and GH101 high-performance biodiesel hose.

Unlike standard fuel hoses that only last 1-2 years in both high-percentage biodiesel blend and high-temperature applications, GH100 and GH101 hoses are tested and engineered for maximum performance, thanks to a unique polymer that more effectively resists degradation. Because GH100 and GH101 hoses are qualified with every blend of biodiesel up to B100, plus a variety of synthetic oils, you no longer have to worry about customers who rotate between B5, B20 or higher and ULSD fuels. Plus, with a choice of abrasion-resistant fabric or rubber cover and multiple fitting options, you can specify the hose assembly that best fits your application. Don’t gamble with a standard hose selection – specify the biodiesel hose that gives you ultimate performance assurance and complete peace of mind.

Eaton GH100 and GH101 hose. Engineered to go beyond.

Addresses these engineering challenges:

  • Standard rubber hoses that prematurely “bake out” and crack when used with biofuels and synthetic lubricants
  • Selective catalytic reduction requirements have raised engine temperatures an average of 25 degrees, significantly reducing the life of engine hoses
  • Truck and equipment operators who use different blends of fuel from week to week, can accelerate the hose degradation process
  • Fuel mandates that are different by state and country, make it difficult to standardize equipment production

Technical Information

Significantly longer hose life
  • Qualified with a variety of fuel types – GH100 and GH101 are qualified with soy (SME) and rapeseed (RME) blends of B5, B20 and B100, plus ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD), synthetic oils, for superior longevity even if your customers use different fuels from day to day
  • Broader temperature range – Unlike conventional hoses that deteriorate at 100°C, GH100 and GH101 are qualified for -40°C to 150°C with B2, B5 and B20, -40°C to 125°C with B100, and -40°C to 150°C with synthetic oils (175°C intermittent)
  • Broader temperature range – Unlike conventional hoses that deteriorate at 100°C, GH100 and GH101 are qualified for -40°C to 150°C with B2, B5 and B20, -40°C to 125°C with B100, and -40°C to 150°C with synthetic oils (175°C intermittent)

Design versatility and installation flexibility
  • Lightweight and flexible – With an aramid poly-braid reinforcement that’s durable yet lightweight and flexible, GH100 and GH101 hoses are easier to install compared to wire-braided hoses
  • Choice of hose cover – You can select an abrasion-resistant braided polyester cover (GH100) or a highly durable rubber cover (GH101), depending on the application
  • Multiple fitting options – GH100 and GH101 are fully compatible with brass, steel, and stainless steel, giving you the flexibility to choose the best option for your application and fuel type. GH101 is also qualified with composite fittings
  • Range of hose sizes – GH100 is available in sizes -4 to -12 and GH101 in sizes from -4 to -10. Additional sizes can be produced to meet specific requirements

Extensive testing and qualification
  • Tested to all major industry specs – GH100 and GH101 meet the requirements of all common industry test methods, including ASTM D380, ASTM D6751, EN412 and EN2240, ensuring reliable performance
  • Also tested beyond industry requirements – Eaton tests beyond customer specifications to demonstrate the true life of the product, and can provide test summaries for material properties, elongation, hardness, tensile, volume change, hot fuel circulation and permeation
  • • No cracking at 1000 hours – During a 1000-hour hot fuel circulation test with B100, GH100 and GH101 maintained excellent tensile, hardness and elongation with no cracking of the tube wall

Expert hose assembly services
  • World-class assembly capabilities – Our expert distribution partners are trained to specify size, end connections and assembly for each application, so you can trust you’ll receive Eaton quality and reliability every single time
  • More partners in more regions – Growing network of distributors around the world ensures there’s local service and support anywhere you need it

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Eaton GH100 and GH101 Biodiesel Fuel Hose

Eaton GH100 and GH101 Biodiesel Fuel Hose

Introducing a biodiesel hose that's engineered to handle the heat.


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