Eatonite™ Anti-Corrosion Laser Cladding

Eatonite Anti-Corrosion Laser Cladding

Eatonite anti-corrosion laser cladding is a high performance, field repairable, 3rd party certified, hydraulic cylinder rod coating designed for the most demanding fresh and salt water applications and harshest operating environments. Eatonite anti-corrosion laser cladding extends the life of hydraulic cylinders and reduces costs of unplanned maintenance and equipment downtime.

Eatonite laser cladding was the first anti-corrosion coating technology to earn JIP Certification from DNV for use on Offshore Platforms.

Suitable for offshore deep water oil and gas exploration and production, marine, civil engineering, wave power and other heavy duty applications, Eatonite anti-corrosion laser cladding can be applied to new cylinders or refurbished applications.


Product Features

  • Corrosion-resistance – Field tests have shown Eaton's hydraulic cylinders protected with Eatonite laser cladding have been offshore/on rigs for more than 5 years (43,800 hours +) without performance degradation in a salt water environments
  • Flexibility without cracking – Can be applied to cylinder rods up to 21 meters long without cracking and can withstand up to 180-degree bend
  • Cylinder impact resistance and wear – Hydraulic cylinders protected with Eatonite anti-corrosion laser cladding can withstand impact up to 24 foot pounds of force without cracking
  • Field repairable – Upgrade or repair damaged coatings on-site. Accidents happen and cylinder rods can be impacted by swinging chains and falling or floating debris. Eatonite anti-corrosion laser cladding can be repaired using a conventional fusion welding processes on site, saving your operation time and money.

Featured Literature

eatonite-laser-cladding brochure

Eatonite Laser Cladding Brochure
Read how Eatonite anti-corrosion laser cladding extends the life of hydraulic cylinder piston rods and seals, thereby reducing maintenance costs while increasing system reliability.

Five things you need to know about Eatonite Laser Cladding  in 5 minutes or less
In 5 minutes, this narrated presentation provides a brief overview on Eatonite anti-corrosion laser cladding, how it works, what makes it unique in the market, and where you can go to learn more.

Articles & White Papers

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“Laser cladding protection of hydraulic cylinders” February 2016
This technical white paper provides a deeper understanding of how Eatonite laser cladding works and compares Eatonite cladding with other cylinder coating technologies.

"Applying technology and maintenance best practices" by Kevin DuPont
Movable structures such as bridges, sector gates, and locks face unique challenges over the course of their operational lifetimes. Exposure to harsh environments such as marine elements and weather can wreak havoc on equipment if it is not maintained properly. Explore how applying new technology and maintenance best practices can maximize uptime for these heavy movable structures. Read here

Laser Cladding Protection of Hydraulic Cylinders
When hydraulic cylinders are exposed to harsh environments, corrosion protection plays a role in the reliability and durability of equipment. Without protection, hydraulic cylinders can suffer corrosion leading to inefficient operations, equipment failures, unwanted down times, and catastrophic consequences.

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