Preventing Hydraulic Hose Failure with Condition Monitoring

Hydraulic hose failure is responsible for high costs resulting from lost productivity, negative environmental effects, and collateral damage safety. Coupled with proper hose/tubing routing, Eaton’s LifeSense® Hydraulic Hose Condition Monitoring System reduces the frequency and impact of hydraulic hose failure. This condition monitoring system is designed for predictive maintenance to detect hydraulic hose failure, notifying the appropriate person to replace the hose before it actually fails. Condition monitoring of both internal fatigue and external abrasion detects causes of hydraulic hose failure.

Once impending hydraulic hose failure is detected, two predictive maintenance options are available: a wired system for condition monitoring and a wireless system for condition monitoring. Condition monitoring in both systems interprets the data and alerts the operator if a hydraulic hose needs to be replaced. The wireless option communicates via a high frequency radio signal to a hydraulic hose diagnostic unit that has internet capability for text messaging or emailing and remote condition monitoring of hydraulic hose failure.

By combining proper hydraulic hose routing practices and advanced condition monitoring technology, the frequency and impact of hydraulic hose failure can be significantly eliminated. This predictive maintenance benefit results in maximum equipment efficiency and reduced safety concerns.

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