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Global Test

Headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Global Test Services operates 24 engineering laboratories that work around the clock to validate the performance of hydraulics products conceived by Eaton’s world-class engineering research and development personnel.  Whether it will be put to use in extreme cold or searing heat environments or subjected to pounding vibration, rough abrasion, or high operating pressures, each product innovation is tested and qualified through benchmark testing capabilities that simulate real-world applications and operating conditions.  By doing so, customers are ensured that Eaton products will meet their performance expectations where it counts most—on the job where productivity and profits are on the line.

Other functions of Global Test Services include existing product support, supplier qualification, field and manufacturing issue resolution, prototype testing, benchmark testing, concept verification, and special application testing.

With the in-house expertise, flexibility, and infrastructure to design and test products for optimum performance, Eaton is empowered to bring products to market faster.

Below you’ll find a capsule view of each of our primary capabilities that include: