PACCAR and Eaton have collaborated to exclusively deliver a fully-integrated powertrain with exceptional performance and fuel economy. The PACCAR MX-13 engine and Eaton Fuller Advantage™ 10-speed automated transmission share critical data including vehicle weight, road grade, and throttle position . Precise engine and transmission communications are combined with proprietary control logic to further enhance down speeding in both overdrive and direct operation – which uses less fuel. Error-free, guess-proof shifting makes every driver in your fleet as efficient as your best driver, saving you money on every haul.

An Innovative Transmission Design

The Eaton Fuller Advantage transmission features a Precision Lubrication system  that reduces churning losses, further enhancing fuel economy. Precision Lubrication also eliminates the need for a cooler in most applications, which reduces weight as well as increases reliability. The elimination of the cooler, together with strategic use of aluminum on select components, all adds up to an 82-pound [37 kg] weight savings versus the UltraShift® PLUS LAS base model.

Helps Make Every Driver Perform Like Your Best

This powertrain package makes it easier for training new drivers. It’s easy to drive with smooth, automated shifting. Your drivers concentrate on the road and traffic ahead, not shifting. There’s less driver fatigue and fewer clutch-related and shifting related wear issues. Plus, this powertrain includes a Hill Start Aid that helps prevent rollbacks. This reduces risk and simplifies operation for both inexperienced and experienced drivers.