Synthetic Axle Lubricants

Roadranger Synthetic Gear Lubricants are API GL-5 extreme pressure lubricants designed to promote longer gear life and better operating economy thus improving fuel economy in heavy, mid and light-duty applications. They are formulated using synthetic base stock, which has a high viscosity index and an exceptionally low pour point.

Synthetic Lubricant
Roadranger "Synthetic" refers to the base oil manufacturing process of connecting smaller chemical molecules together into a very pure & consistent base oil. The base oil chosen for Roadranger is polyalphaolefin (PAO). This is known as "Group IV" base oil, the American Petroleum Institutes' (API) unique designation for this very high performance class of synthetic lubricant base oils.

Genuine Roadranger Synthetic Lubricants proprietary formula also includes other high quality materials such as API "Group V" ester basestock and oil additives chosen for their proven reliability and durability in severe service Roadranger applications.

Genuine Roadranger PAO and other ingredients are pure and consistent. Our PAO base oil contains no discernible levels of sulfur, nitrogen, waxes or paraffins. These base oil contaminants can contribute to oil sludging, oxidation and poor lubricant flow at low temperatures.