ELocker4 Differential Product

Eaton ELocker4

This highly engineered unit allows for maximum driveline flexibility. Users can switch from a fully-open to 100%-locked axle at the touch of a button. The four (4) pinion gear design provides added strength and capability for more extreme vehicles.


Users operate the ELocker with the flip of a dash switch. When in the “off” position, the unit operates as a fully-open differential. A new design mechanism activates the electronically-controlled internal differential gear set to the differential case providing 100% instant axle-lock.


This is the professionals ELocker. The Eaton ELocker is designed for the hi-performance off roader. Also great for a variety of uses including towing, off-road, rock-crawling and high-performance vehicles. Its smooth engagement and validated strength make it an ideal solution to improve traction and maneuverability. Units are available for both front and rear axle installation.