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Rad Rides by Troy

Eaton Superchargers, Differentials Help Power Rad Rides by Troy Success

Troy Rad RideTroy Trepanier of Rad Rides by Troy has followed a simple formula in developing one of the nation’s top automotive shops for custom hot rods: Passion + Power = Performance.

While growing up watching his grandpa and dad in the shop, Troy developed  a passion for cars. Not just any cars – hot rods. He turned that passion into a company – Rad Rides by Troy.

Rad Rides builds high-end custom cars for automotive collectors around the country, and has worked closely with automakers like Ford, GM, Chrysler and Toyota on a variety of promotional vehicles.  Trepanier  imprints his design and style on each vehicle with the goal of creating custom vehicles that are durable, drivable and powerful.

For the power, he counts on Eaton Performance.

Eaton has provided superchargers and differentials for Trepanier’s creations for many years. These superchargers provide the impressive boost in engine power that Rad Rods by Troy needs.

“With the Eaton supercharger, I can build a high-horsepower car that’s drivable and durable. You’re never working on it,” said Trepanier.

Rad Rides Supercharger

The company builds a wide range of vehicles that will be used in very different ways, presenting different needs when it comes to power management. The one constant requirement is that the power be delivered consistently and smoothly for every vehicle.

That type of power delivery is equally important in the rear axle. The diverse vehicles Rad Rides makes come with customized performance requirements from the differential. To meet the broad range of requirements, Trepanier relies on Eaton’s portfolio of differentials.

“We work with Eaton up front to get the differential that works best,” he said. “Whether it’s superchargers or differentials, Eaton products deliver what’s important to me.”

The relationship between Eaton and Rad Rides by Troy has produced impressive results through the years. Eaton’s performance products have been instrumental in helping Trepanier’s company build dozens of world-class custom vehicles, and earn several prestigious awards and records in the industry.

1940 Ford Vision Rad Rides

The “Vision,” a 1940 Ford Deluxe street rod, included an Eaton TVS supercharger, differential and all the plumbing was featured in Street Rodder magazine and won the 2008 Goodguys “Pros Pick” (Columbus, Ohio) and was a 2008 Goodguys “Street Machine of the Year” finalist.