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Jeff Saxton: program management guru

Saxton has made his mark during longtime Eaton career
Jeff Saxton’s presence can be found all over Eaton during his 23-year career. Throughout his successful career, Saxton has worked in many different roles and had a front row seat to the changes within Eaton and in the industry as a whole.

His jobs have included working in technology such as product engineering, product management, program management and launching a product development support process that was a pivotal process for engineering excellence at Eaton for more than 10 years. Currently, he serves as a Program Manager for New Product Development.

Jeff’s experience in the Auto Aftermarket and upcoming graduation in Aftermarket Business Management graduating summa cum laude, speaks to the contribution he has provided to Eaton’s auto performance products and sales, making Eaton a leader in auto performance products.

Career highlight
Saxton noted that a highlight of his Eaton career is having the opportunity to be active at the Proving Grounds in Marshall, Michigan, where much of the vehicle product testing takes place. It sure beats sitting behind a desk all day.

“The Proving Grounds is a great place to see Eaton’s technologies come to life,” he said. “I’ve had the opportunity to be the site facilitator for a few TV shows that we filmed there, like Top Gear and  Ultimate Car Build-Off with Chip Foose. These are good opportunities to get exposure for the Eaton name. The Proving Grounds are a valuable tool in demonstrating our technologies to current and potential customers through “tech days” and ride-and-drive events.

Meet Jeff Saxton and Top Gear

From left to right Rutledge Wood (Top Gear), Adam Ferrara (Top Gear), Jeff Saxton (Eaton), and Tanner Foust (Top Gear).

“I’ve enjoyed playing a role in creating an alignment between the customer’s need and a solution that Eaton can provide,” said Saxton. “Interacting directly with customers and developing those relationships has been rewarding. I was able to travel the world and represent Eaton at Tech Days and introduce our solutions to customers and show them how easily we can improve their vehicle’s efficiency and performance.”

More than a desk job
As an aftermarket enthusiast that includes motorcycles, off-road, precision driving certification and power watercraft sports, one of the most enjoyable parts about his job comes when Eaton takes its customize-made Jeep to the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah.

The nine-day event consists of off-road trail rides featuring some of the toughest terrain in the country. Saxton has the opportunity to drive the jeep, which is outfitted with Eaton technologies that stand up to the challenging conditions. 

Spanning the globe
Saxton likes to have fun when he’s off the clock, too. During the warm weather months, he and his wife spend their time at their lake house swimming, fishing and boating. They also enjoy seeing the world by boat – he estimates that they’ve been on about 25 cruises to such places as Alaska, the Caribbean and Mexico.

One of the most interesting work-related places he’s visited is Dandong, China, which he describes as going back in time. It is the largest Chinese border city, facing Sinuiju, North Korea, on the Yalu River. Dandong has a dynamic history because of its strategic location for the northeast's rich natural resources and because of its convenient access to the ocean. The Hushan Great Wall, the far eastern end of the Great Wall of China, is located here.

“From my hotel room, I could look into North Korea and the views are just incredible,” he said. “You can just sit there and contemplate the world and think about all the history in that area. It’s fascinating how different things are there compared to what we see every day in America.”