Airflex: Clutches and Brakes image

Airflex: Clutches and Brakes

Clutches and Brakes

Long standing history of Airflex clutches on Navy vessels (LST, LSD, LPD, LMSR, T-AO, T-ARS, T-AKR) in main propulsion drives, deck winch brakes, PTO clutches. Here are the Airflex products and solutions Eaton can offer to the Combatant Vessels.

Product Applications on T-AO class:

  • Airflex Clutches Connect Each of Two 16,500hp Diesel Engines to Reduction Gears and Controllable Pitch Propellers to Drive the Ship
  • Airflex Clutches Connect PTO Gearing to Large Generators.Provide Unique Feature Allowing Generator to be Used as Propulsion Motor in Event of Engine Failure
  • Airflex Brakes Used in Conjunction with Deck Winches
  • Eaton Airflex Provides Propeller Shaft Brakes for Emergency Braking on Propeller Shafts (crash astern)


  • Service as an Added Benefit – General (non-military) Initiative was Based on Improving Top Line Sales for New Product Application
  • Written into Routine Overhaul Specification as a Result
  • Provide Technical Supervision and Guidance (OEM Representation
  • Labor and machining services provided by Shipyards
  • Information on Application Engineering and Technical Services