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Success stories
Drive system upgrade saves energy

A drive system based on an SPI inverter with SPA regenerative unit of the 9000X series replaces the previously used slip ring motor with oil-cooled resistances

Zapfwellenaggregatebau Hermann Kemper

A manufacturer of emergency power generators equips its agricultural power take-off unit with Eaton circuit breakers as standard


With automation technology from Eaton, a range of different scenarios can be created for participants in fire simulation training at MAW GmbH's facilities

Ott Wäschereitechnik

Flexible control solution enables significant water, detergent and energy savings for industrial washing machines

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Pietro Carnaghi

SmartWire-DT streamlines electro-hydraulic wiring, saving Pietro Carnaghi time and money

Neuero Farm

Grain to grain: Eaton's automation technology for grain processing

Grossi Electric

Eaton's package solution streamlines processes, enabling a clean and affordable panel design

Advetec Advanced

Refined control for revolutionary waste digesters

LS Automation

Intelligent filter systems with Eaton technology achieve maximum energy efficiency

Proserv GmbH

Intelligent automation solutions from Eaton enable efficient water supply


Eaton helps to make high-performance machines much more affordable


The intelligent automation solution from Eaton simplified the installation, operation and maintenance of machines for the disposal of waste in the wood processing industry

High performance cogeneration

By reducing design, wiring, testing and commissioning time by up to 85 percent, Smart Wire-DT enabled Centro Elettromeccanico Bassanese (CEB) to install a cogeneration plant with a large number of motor starters in a quick and simple manner

Filling Equipment Company

See how Filling Equipment Company was able to achieve higher levels of machine accuracy, access to predictive diagnostics, improved energy efficiency working with Eaton

Günther Maschinenbau

Greater efficiency in food processing

Weener Plastik

It's the tool that really counts

Eaton helps Zoomlion

Eaton's robust electrical control system containing contactors and circuit breakers that can be applied and easily serviced around the globe

GEA Procomac

Preventing power failure helped maintain GEA Procomac's sterile environment, saving time and money

Renegade Parts Washers

Drastically reducing wiring time with an Eaton enabled intelligent machine

Matrix Design

Through Eaton's control panel with SmartWire-DT solution, Matrix Design increased manufacturing speed, simplified troubleshooting and reduced their overall costs

Volkswagen Motor

Eaton provides Volkswagen Motor Polska with engine test rigs that perform reliably to the highest standards


Protection of 3 physical and 12 virtual servers against electrical fluctuations and sudden power outages


Two three-phase Eaton 20 kVA 9355 UPSs with Intelligent Power Software, battery extension module and Hot Sync functionality

MKW Holding Gmbh

Eaton technology enables central monitoring of all UPSs

IMSB Embalagem

Dramatic reduction in panel wiring time and costs


Bottling the smart way

Buderus Schleiftechnik

Improved machine reliability and energy efficiency for a lower cost machine


Hydrodream develops next-generation hydraulic powerpack with integrated Eaton technology

Metal part cleaning

Improved filtration quality and extended life-cycle to reduce operating costs using Eaton's bag filter vessels

Hansa Industrie-Mixer

Increased efficiency and quality using Eaton's components for the perfect foam


Reduced leaks and costs with standardizing on Eaton's metric tube fitting system


Eaton's plant-wide automation system increased the efficiency of their entire process and their bottom line

Computer numeric control

Reduced oil mist/haze, water costs and met environmental standards with Eaton's gas/liquid separator

Herbert Maschinen

Eaton's design expertise and customer responsiveness led to HERBERT's selection of Eaton hydraulic components on its tire curing presses

Metal food packaging

Eaton's filter saved $60,000 per year in paper costs while realizing maintenance and labor savings

Bay Surgery Center

Energizing a potato plant to make sorting 120 tons of potatoes a one-man operation

IVK Schaltanlagen

SmartWire-DT reduced wiring and number of I/Os to create a slim and spacious layout

Schiffer and Zahoransky

On-time production and delivery of one million toothbrushes every day


Zwergenwiese's implementation of Eaton's SmartWire-DT and other control sollutions increased production capabilities and improved energy efficiency

Modular Packaging

Eaton's SmartWire-DT speeds things up and provides unique wiring solutions for Modular Packaging Systems Inc

Other tools
Payer Solutions A tool for evaluation of tripping characteristics to check selectivity between low-voltage protection devices significantly easier
Calculate your time and material savings using SmartWire-DT panel wiring solution versus traditional methods
Payer Solutions Find your branch circuit, supplemental or photovoltaic fuse based on selected attributes
See how much energy you can save using a drive
Payer Solutions Download CAD drawings for commonly used components to aid in control panel design