Refuse Vehicle

Refuse Vehicles

Refuse collection offers many demanding challenges, including high variable operation costs, heavy “stop and go” duty cycle, high energy requirement to compact the garbage collected. With Eaton’s hydraulic solutions on the side, fleet owners and operators will have peace of mind in terms of fuel saving, productivity incensement and clean up costs reduction.

Eaton offers the industry’s broadest options for the demanding auxiliary hydraulics applications on transit mixers. Our Aeroquip Triple Crown and Weatherhead Diamond Advantage hose products offer 24% higher pressure ratings than most competitors’ hose and higher temperature ratings that result in increased reliability and more uptime.

Eaton’s new LifeSense™ hydraulic hose technology is the first and only true, condition-based, hydraulic hose monitoring system. It detects events occurring within the hose that lead to failure and signals when the hose needs to be replaced. Eaton LifeSense hose saves time and money by helping to prevent downtime, environmental cleanups, equipment/collateral damage, and injury. The hose improves reliability and productivity of hydraulic systems by utilizing virtually the full service life of each monitored hose.

Eaton Solution for Refuse Truck

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