Piston Closed Circuit - Mobile Pumps

Eaton mobile closed circuit piston pumps are designed for use in vehicles using mid-range pump/motor hydraulic systems operating at pressures up to 380 bar (5500 psi) powered by engines of less than 63.4 kW (86 hp). Eaton’s Series 1, Series 2 and bent-axis core products are supplemented with new pump-mounted electronic controls that range from a simple electronic proportional (EP) displacement control to sophisticated multiplex control with CAN communications for displacement and pressure control.

In addition, Eaton’s Model 72400 and 350 pumps are available with a full range of electrohydraulic enabled controls including electro-proportional, solenoid control with feedback, and hydraulic remote control.

Closed circuit pumps are commonly used on agricultural, construction, earthmoving, forestry, mining, material handling, and turf equipment as well as in the truck and bus and utility industries.

Associated Brands: Dynapower, Eaton

Here is a complete line of Piston Closed Circuit-Mobile offerings