Terramac® RT9

Terramac® RT9

Eaton’s DuraForce® pumps keeps Terramac RT9 rubber-tracked crawlers moving over tough terrain

"Eaton’s DuraForce pump met key design criteria in delivering smooth operation and high pressure capability in a compact product package.”

Mike Crimaldi, owner, Terramac


Terramac, manufacturer of crawler carriers, was created by owner Mike Crimaldi after spending years building Rig Source, Inc., a company specializing in selling and renting crawler carriers and drilling equipment. After observing the needs and wants of crawler carrier users through Rig Source, Crimaldi noted that competitive imported crawlers were being delivered with a dumper attachment that the customer might not need – and could get in the way of the equipment that was required.

Seeking to address this concern, Crimaldi opened the doors to Terramac in 2011 with the goal of becoming the world’s leading manufacturer of high quality crawler carriers. Terramac developed the model RT9 rubber-tracked crawler platform, which aims to provide an unprecedented degree of customization, along with sales, parts and service availability that imports cannot match. The RT9 crawler carrier is set up to be fully customizable – capable of handling a wide variety of attachments.


With top-notch reliability and availability in its sights, Terramac looked to Eaton for a durable pump solution for the new RT9 rubber-tracked crawler carriers.

Operating as multi-function vehicles, frequently used in oil and gas drilling or mining operations, the crawlers had to be easy to maneuver, and turn easily, even on rugged terrain. Eaton was challenged to supply a pump meeting these requirements – and meeting Terramac’s goals for reduced lead times and improved parts and service availability.


Eaton’s DuraForce tandem HPV075 pumps and L2 series, two-section gear pumps fit thebill for the durable solution that Terramac required. Working with Motion Canada’s equipment build facility located in North Bay, Ontario, the pump was customized to provide the speed and maneuverability this crawler needed to cover various types of terrain.

Eaton set up a supply chain to ensure monthly deliveries of this tandem pump to meet the production schedule of the crawler. The Eaton plant in Spencer, Iowa and Motion Canada continue to support the ongoing needs of Terramac to meet their market demands and quickly respond to changes in their monthly production requirements.


“Eaton’s DuraForce pump met key design criteria in delivering smooth operation and high pressure capability in a compact product package,” said Mike Crimaldi, owner, Terramac. “We appreciate the efforts of the Eaton sales team and Motion Canada in developing, producing and streamlining delivery of this crawler.”

Since Terramac began manufacturing the RT9 crawler carriers in 2011, over a hundred machines have been shipped, with no machine failures in the field.

“Eaton is pleased to showcase the DuraForce product in the market-changing solution offered by the RT9 crawler carrier. We are dedicated to understanding our customer’s needs and are working creatively to solve their challenges,” said Vince Duray, product manager, Eaton. “Through the strength of the DuraForce technology, we have helped Terramac and Motion Canada bring a higher quality crawler carrier to the oil and gas and mining markets.”