CR Transmission Service Ltd

Eaton assists re-builder in building genuine business

“With Eaton very few come back…well none at all come back really; we never get any complaints from our customers. They are just a better overall product and you have the Eaton name to back them up.”

Mike Lallone
Operations Manager,C & R Transmission Service Ltd.


C & R Transmission Service Ltd. began operations in 1968 as a single bay shop in Scarborough, Ontario. The two-man operation started off servicing automobiles and light-to medium-duty trucks. Soon after, it expanded its services into the field of heavy-duty trucks and off-road equipment transmissions and differential repair and phased out the automobiles.

Today the company boasts a state-of-the-art 20,610-squarefoot facility in Uxbridge, Ontario, that features nine drive through bays, comments Mike Lallone, operations manager at C & R Transmissions Ltd. It also houses a 5,000-square-foot rebuilding shop and a 4,000-square-foot parts department.

With its factory and in-house trained technicians, all of the rebuilding is done on site with the bulk of work centered on transmissions and differentials. The company also installs and sells clutches and performs various driveline work.


“We’re a small company with 20 employees and one delivery truck,” says Lallone. “But our main objective is to provide quality workmanship that our customers will appreciate and value. A happy and satisfied customer is a repeat customer.”

In helping to ensure that’s the case every day, Lallone says he has to treat every customer like they are the only customer while, on a good day, juggling a multitude of incoming jobs.

“I deal one-on-one with the customers,” he adds. “I also give quotes over the phone and quote whole jobs here in the shop. I schedule trucks for repairs. Sometimes I help out in the parts department and give direction or even order parts when needed.

“I have a commercial driver’s license, too, and often test drive trucks. I diagnose problems with trucks. I guess you could say I do a little bit of everything.”

That’s not atypical for most small business operations managers.


What is typical for Lallone, who has been with C & R for 14 years, is the success he has been enjoying with genuine Eaton clutches and transmissions.

“We try to stay away from generic parts,” says Lallone. “We use the Eaton Fuller parts because we want to make sure we are putting the best possible parts in our rebuilt transmissions and differentials.”

Genuine is also the norm with the replacement clutches he sells and installs.

“We believe that Eaton clutches are an excellent product,” he adds. “Most trucks come from the factory with an Eaton clutch. So it’s the same equipment that you’re putting back into the truck. In the past, some of our service technicians have installed other clutches yet they have a higher failure rate.

“With Eaton, very few come back…well none at all come back really; we never get any complaints from our customers. They are just a better overall product and you have the Eaton name to back them up. Eaton clutches are also easier to set up with very little adjustments needed.”

With Eaton’s top-of-the-line Advantage Series Solo and Advantage Series Easy Pedal clutches, that backup includes:

  • 50,000-mile lube intervals for linehaul applications;
  • proprietary facing material for longer life and better engagement;
  • premium dampening through Eaton’s Vibration Control Technology (VCT); and
  • industry-best 2-year/unlimited miles warranty protection.

Eaton Advantage Series clutches are also the number one OEM (original equipment manufacturer) spec in North America.


“We get a lot of repeat customers and a lot of referrals,” notes Lallone. “I’d like to think that the genuine Eaton transmission and clutch products have a significant role in that.”

While C & R works with several local truck fleets, especially gravel haulers, owner operators are the company’s biggest customers. Few buyers are more discerning when it comes to replacement truck parts.

“They expect and want the best,” adds Lallone. “Some even ask for genuine Eaton products. But when they don’t, I certainly recommend Eaton.”

That practice, he reiterated, also plays a big role in generating word-of-mouth advertising and repeat business.

“With the high horsepower that today’s engines are putting out, you really do not want to compromise,” says Lallone. “You just wouldn’t want to use anything generic. For quality and strength, you can’t beat the genuine Eaton gears and clutches.”