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Managing Cybersecurity Risks

Connectable devices cybersecurity-assessed in our own lab

Connected devices and the vast amounts of data they generate continue to grow exponentially, with forecasts calling for 75.4 billion connected devices by 2025.1 But in a world of amped-up connectivity comes an increased risk of cyberattacks.

Today's customers want cybersecurity addressed for many reasons, like operational downtime, customer data loss, impacts on lifecycle costs and brand damage — any one of which can seriously impact customer loyalty and the bottom line. And because cybersecurity incidents can cripple an organization in minutes, customers now want suppliers to provide evidence that the products sold comply with industry cybersecurity standards.

An industry first

For years, Eaton has maintained strict procedures at every stage of the product development process, and this discipline has paved the way for a collaboration with renowned standards leader, UL (Underwriters Laboratories). Eaton has the first lab approved to participate in UL's Data Acceptance Program for cybersecurity. And we now have the capability to test Eaton products with intelligence or embedded logic to key aspects of the UL 2900-1 and 2900-2-2 Standards.Our customers don't want to take chances with their systems. With products tested in our specialized labs, you can rest easier knowing Eaton devices are compliant with industry cybersecurity requirements before they're installed in your critical systems.

Less uncertainty, more security

In the summer of 2017, the general requirements for the UL 2900 Standard for Software Cybersecurity for Network-Connectable Products (UL 2900) were published. These guidelines include processes to test devices for security vulnerabilities, software weaknesses and malware. To comply with the standard, Eaton has demonstrated thorough understanding of the scope of the standards and the ability to meet them throughout the product development lifecycle.

Backed by testing methodology that aligns with UL requirements, we're proud to announce the Power Xpert Dashboard as the first power management product certified to the UL 2900-2-2 Standard for cybersecurity in industrial control systems. This user portal to Eaton's switchgear enables customers to monitor, diagnose and control devices from outside the arc flash boundary.

The Power Xpert Dashboard is the first of many power management devices that will attain UL 2900 certification. Look to Eaton for additional devices certified to UL cybersecurity standards in months ahead.

Enabling a secure environment

In a hyper-connected world, trusted environments are a must. Eaton's commitment to defending those environments comes to life at our Product Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, where our experts discover new ways to help protect products and systems against cyberattack, provide internal training and help customers deploy and maintain secure solutions.

In many companies, security is an afterthought, made evident by the number of updates deployed to account for process miscues. But at Eaton, cybersecurity is part of our DNA and an integral consideration, with strict protocols placed on the people, processes and technologies within our Secure Development LifeCycle process (SDLC), the program that integrates security protocols at every phase of product creation. SDLC spans from inception through to deployment and maintenance, enforcing cybersecurity best practices via training, threat modelling, requirements analysis, implementation, verification and ongoing support.

1) IHS Markit. The mobile and telecommunications landscape is changing faster than ever before. Retrieved from

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