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Message from Craig Arnold, Chairman and CEO

Eaton’s success as a high performance company is tied directly to our long-standing commitment to the highest ethical standards. Integrity is one of Eaton’s core values and serves as a competitive advantage. Our reputation for ethical business practices is one of the main reasons our customers, suppliers, communities and shareholders value their relationships with us.

In today’s fast-paced, challenging global marketplace, we count on every employee to make the right decision every time and to never compromise our ethics, values, or integrity under any circumstances. Together, our actions protect Eaton’s image, reputation, and culture and ensure a strong organization for all of our stakeholders.
We have set high standards for ourselves, and I encourage you to let me know if you believe we are not living up to them.
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Craig Arnold
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Global Ethics and Compliance Office

The Global Ethics and Compliance Office is responsible for providing employees with the information, tools, guidance, training and support they need to comply with the Code of Ethics when making day-to-day business decisions.

This office provides effective ethics education, training programs and communications designed to ensure that Eaton's ethics and values are integrated into its business practices on a consistent basis around the world.

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