Office of the Ombuds

Doing Business Right

Our employees, customers, suppliers and other Eaton partners have a resource for how to address work-related questions or concerns – the Eaton Office of the Ombuds.

Completely confidential and off-the-record conversations with the independent and neutral Ombuds help to determine the nature and extent of a concern, the pros and cons of different options to address it, and an approach for taking it forward. The decision to take action through appropriate reporting channels (such as Line Management, Human Resources or Eaton’s Global Ethics Office) is left up to the individual. The Ombuds will take action only if express permission has been given.

The Ombuds will

  • Listen to concerns
  • Keep information confidential
  • Remain impartial to all individuals
  • Help clarify concerns
  • Help identify and evaluate resolution options
  • Provide information and coaching
  • Assist in achieving outcomes consistent with fairness, Eaton values and the law
  • Offer informal mediation and shuttle diplomacy
  • Act as an early warning system and identify workplace issue trends
  • Identify changes that prevent issues from recurring

The Ombuds will not

  • Breach confidentiality
  • Take sides
  • Conduct formal or in-depth investigations
  • Determine policy
  • Make management decisions
  • Substitute for formal channels
  • Serve as an agent of notice for Eaton Corporation