Cylinder Repair

Cylinder Repair

Eaton is one of the largest industrial cylinder manufacturers in the world, based on unmatched quality, manufacturing capability, and application experience. These core competencies are exactly why cylinders repaired by Eaton consistently deliver greater performance, reliability, and increased lifetime of your cylinder, even in the world’s most rigorous applications.

Application & Engineering Expertise
We understand what it takes to do everything from standard, fast repairs to turn-key projects with maintenance down-times. Eaton uses world class simulation tools, comprehensive 3D drawing capability, and finite element analysis expertise for failure mode determination, prediction of future failure analysis, and recommendation of general product improvements for optimum performance and reliability. Decades of application experience coupled with these cutting edge tools translates to better recommendations and ultimately, better repairs.

Systems & Processes
Quality is an area in which we excel, and it's demonstrated every day in the new cylinders we manufacture. Besides the facility ISO certifications, we provide comprehensive quality reviews and customer reporting documentation. We’ve set the industry standard in detailed inspection reports, documentation logs, and customer communication processes, saving you significant time and money. 

cylinder repair

Welding/Machining Specialists
The integration of repair and service capability with new product manufacturing translates to better repairs for your product. Eaton’s extensive capabilities allow us to not only repair your cylinders quickly, but to recommend structural improvements, provide improved coating technology, and access to the latest seal technology. Our industry-leading equipment and employees ensure that you receive top notch results every time.

Global Footprint, Local Service
Eaton’s repair expertise covers everything from standard tie rod cylinders to mill duty cylinders to extra large custom cylinders that span to bore sizes of 1500mm/60in and stroke of 22m/72ft. With over 25 years in cylinder repair, we understand the sense of urgency for critical situations, and you always get the response you need, when you need it. Our experienced staff can offer on-site advice, or pick up your cylinders, repair them, and quickly return them to you. Our concern for our global footprint ensures that service is quick, close, and convenient regardless of your project's location.