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XCMG’s next-generation vibratory compactors, featuring Eaton® Series 1 hydrostatic heavy-duty variable pumps and motors, are equipped with an all-new hydraulic transmission.


XCMG Group of Jiangsu Province, China, is the leader in China’s construction machinery industry and among the top 10 players in the world construction machinery market. The powerhouse aimed to add to its might by offering a vibratory compactor with an all-new hydraulic transmission.

XCMG equips its traditional mechanical transmissions with competitive pumps and motors. Although they perform their job responsibilities adequately, the competitive products were not an automatic shoo-in for XCMG’s hydraulic transmission design. XCMG engineers wanted to hear about what other products were available to manage power. Their satisfaction with Eaton pumps, steering units, and valves on other XCMG equipment prompted a call to Eaton’s Hydraulics Group Shanghai, China, operation for pump and motor options.


Eaton learned that XCMG was looking for more than just reliable parts. The company was looking for a hydraulics provider to work with them in pioneering their next-generation vibratory compactors that would make easier work out of compacting soil, gravel, or asphalt in road construction/upgrade projects. XCMG engineers envisioned a hydraulic transmission that would supply powerdense hydraulic muscle, resulting in improved road surface quality as well as improved machine drivability.

XCMG stressed that in order for its next-generation vibratory compactor platform to be successful, it needed a hydraulic components supplier with local manufacturing, multiple production sources for key hydraulic components, application expertise, and a global service network.


Eaton China’s Junjie Kuang, account manager, went to work putting together a proposal based on Eaton’s Series 1 hydrostatic heavy-duty variable pumps and motors with peak pressures of 6,960 psi (480 bar). He specified an Eaton 5423-016 pump with manual displacement control rated at 89 cm3/r and an Eaton 6441-081 motor with stroking displacement control at 105 cm3/r.

Next Kuang addressed how Eaton was aligned globally with XCMG’s parts supply requirements, making it easy for XCMG to do business with Eaton. He cited Eaton’s:

  • Local manufacturing :
    Eaton Shanghai would provide fast pump and motor prototyping and serve as the local production source for Series 1 products.
  • Global manufacturing :
    Eaton’s global manufacturing footprint would enable XCMG’s end-users around the globe to have access to local parts supply for aftermaket needs.
  • Application expertise :
    Beginning on day one of the transmission development phase, Eaton’s Application and Commercial Engineering (ACE) eam would work alongside XCMG engineers in defining flow and pressure requirements, calculating component sizing, verifying the adherence of Eaton products to hydraulic specifications, and more.
  • Global servicing :
    Eaton’s global sales and service network would provide XCMG’s end users with aftermarket product and system support


Impressed by Eaton’s global support framework and readiness to help, XCMG gave Eaton China the green light to begin prototype builds. Test-ready Series 1 pumps and motors were delivered in just eight weeks, meeting XCMG’s vibratory compactor release schedule. The products passed fit and functionality testing, prompting XCMG to standardize on Eaton
Series 1 pumps and motors for its new vibratory compactor models that have been in production since June 2011.

Eaton pumps and motors are offering big benefits. The high power density and robustness of the Eaton products enable XCMG to offer a compact, reliable, and durable machine design. The Eaton components enable the compactors to automatically maintain a consistent speed that is independent of the load, resulting in improved road surface quality. In addition, the Eaton-product-equipped hydraulic transmission improves drivability and operator comfort over a mechanical transmission, since operators no longer need to stop and shift in order to reverse a load.

In turn, Eaton will benefit from XCMG’s use of Eaton products.

“XCMG’s business marks Eaton’s first significant Series 1 win in in the China vibratory compactor platform, making it a milestone achievement,” said Wei Tian, Eaton China sales manager. “Since XCMG is number one in the China market, its use of Eaton pumps and motors will be highly regarded by competitive OEMs both in China and around the world.”