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Eaton 93E UPS

The Eaton 93E UPS provides a vital power protection for ever-expanding loads in versatile electrical and IT applications. Facilitating lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through a combination of energy efficiency, high reliability and a compact footprint, Eaton 93E is the ideal solution for small to medium-sized data centers and other applications demanding reliable power protection.

Power rating
15 – 200 kVA
Up to 94 %

True reliability.

Eaton’s patented Hot Sync technology makes it possible to parallel up to four UPSs to increase availability or add capacity. The technology enables load sharing without any communication line, eliminating a single point of failure and increasing power availability.

Simply effective.

With a transformer-free design and sophisticated sensing and control circuitry, the Eaton 93E UPS is capable of achieving up to 98.5% efficiency ratings, making it one of the most energy-efficient UPSs in its class. Its high efficiency reduces utility costs, extends battery run times and ensures cooler operating conditions.

Extensive configurability.

The broad software and connectivity options available for the Eaton 93E UPS cover nearly any communication requirements – providing monitoring, management and shutdown capabilities over the network. Eaton 93E UPS is also equipped with an internal back-feed contactor, which ensures compliance and makes it easier and cheaper to install.


To overcome the rising cost of storage and to exploit limited spaces, the footprint of a UPS plays an important role in maximizing the potential of every inch. Eaton 93E is 30% smaller than similar competitive solutions and has a maximum width of 600 mm which enables seamless “in-row” integration with IT racks.

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