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Custom vacuum interrupters

Eaton’s Custom Vacuum Interrupters provide long life and low maintenance, save space, and reduce costs. They’re often used for repetitive switching, motor inrush current interruption, fault protection, and overcurrent and short circuit protection. Users will appreciate the noise-free and flash-free vacuum interrupter, with rated line-to-line voltages and short-circuit current ratings. Solid insulation increases external dielectric performance. This environmentally-friendly product meets IEEE/ANSI, IEC and GB/DL standards.

Proven technology
100 year heritage
Environmentally friendly
Free of toxic gasses

View the interior of a vacuum interrupter

View the interior of an Eaton customized vacuum interrupter.

Core features

  • Controlled contact erosion results in long electrical life and maintenance-free operation. 
  • Hard contact material minimizes contact sticking in a vacuum and is ideal for high current applications. 
  • Atmospheric contact contamination is eliminated since oxides and corrosion layers cannot form on the contacts. 
  • Noise-free and flash-free as all arcing is confined inside the vacuum interrupter. 
  • Environmentally-friendly product since current interruption occurs in a vacuum and does not emit greenhouse or toxic gases. 
  • Low average cutoff current results in a minimal induced transient voltage spike so surge suppressors are not required. 
  • Vacuum dielectric allows contacts to be arranged closer together so circuit interruptions can be designed in a smaller envelope. 
  • Solid insulation increases external dielectric performance.

A heritage of innovation

Since the first developments to build an efficient and economic vacuum interrupter over 100 years ago, Eaton has been on the forefront of innovative and safe technology.

The perfect fit

Eaton's custom vacuum interrupters are a perfect fit for various markets and applications including utilities, oil and gas, petrochemical, data centers, mining, OEM, military, institutional, commercial, and wind power.

Interrupting power in a safe way

At Eaton, safety is a high priority. That’s why we put valuable time and effort into industry-leading circuit protection, ultimately helping to keep you and your customers safe. Purchasing counterfeit or reused vacuum interrupters from an unauthorized source can put your reputation and your worker’s safety at risk.