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Series 8 vacuum interrupters

The Eaton Series-8 Standard Vacuum Interrupter is a globally-rated, user-preferred platform. The wide variety of rating offerings provide users with “plug and play” capabilities. It is offered in standard form, modular configuration, with the ability to meet both international and regional industry standards in a single vacuum interrupter envelope. The Series-8 allows OEMs to simplify their global supply chain, shorten product development cycles, and pursue global markets with minimal investment risk.

Series 8 vacuum interrupters
Global ratings
Lower risks and barriers
Plug and play
Reduce inventory costs

Series-8 Standard Vacuum Interrupters

Eaton’s Series-8 is a revolutionary vacuum interrupter product line

Core features

  • Meets or exceeds the highest common denominators of global specifications and certifications in a single vacuum interrupter envelope. 
  • Broad breadth of rating offerings, all offerings fall within a standard height and scalable fit, allowing for “plug and play” capabilities. 
  • Manufactured in both North America and China with Eaton’s dependable high-quality standards, providing a reliable supply base.

A heritage of innovation

Since the first developments to build an efficient and economic vacuum interrupter over 100 years ago, Eaton has been on the forefront of innovative and safe technology.

A globally rated platform

Eaton's Series-8 is a vacuum interrupter solution designed and manufactured with breakthrough technology offering you a solution with standard form, modular configuration, and the ability to meet all global standards – IEEE, IEC and GB/DL in one design.

Interrupting power in a safe way

At Eaton, safety is a high priority. That’s why we put valuable time and effort into industry-leading circuit protection, ultimately helping to keep you and your customers safe. Purchasing counterfeit or reused vacuum interrupters from an unauthorized source can put your reputation and your worker’s safety at risk.
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