DualGuard-S - Central battery emergency lighting system
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DualGuard-S - Central battery emergency lighting system

The DualGuard-S central battery system supplies safety and escape sign luminaires with reliable power (230 V AC/220 V DC), automatically checks itself and monitors each of the connected CG-S luminaires (up to 20 per circuit) directly via the supply cable.

Thanks to the STAR technology, the switching mode of each connected CG-S luminaire in a 50 Hz or 60 Hz network can be programmed as required via the central battery system controller.

This means that mixed operation of the continuous light, switched continuous light and standby light modes is possible in one and the same circuit - without any additional data cable. The central battery system can be monitored and controlled via the ACU DG module and the 4.3" or 7" display with non-volatile program memory. The system automatically checks the functioning of all connected devices and emergency luminaires and will issue an alert in the event of a fault.

TFT Touch Display
Simple icon-guided operation
Environmental testing
All cabinets are certified
Web interface
Configure and coordinate from anywhere

The next generation central battery system from the largest manufacturer of emergency lighting

DualGuard-S - Anwendungsbild

Greater user comfort - TFT touch screen display in 4.3" or 7"


In a building, a variety of tradespeople and internal staff have access to electrical operating rooms and the security of any system (including emergency lighting) is essential. 

To stop unauthorised operation, DualGuard-S provides a simple way to create user profiles depending on the access required. Whether the user needs simple status information or the ability to conduct network system programming, it provides the necessary flexibility without compromising on security.


The displays required under technical standards must be inspected during initial acceptance or recurring tests by certified inspectors.

All critical status information is available at a glance without password entry or opening the DualGuard-S system.


Easy access to further status information through innovative navigation. 

Operators and installers use the detailed information on the maintenance of the DualGuard-S.

From initial planning to ongoing service, choose Eaton to support you 

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Bring your questions about planning and technical standards to our sales engineers. We will be happy to help you in an easy and uncomplicated manner. This assistance will provide you with planning reliability.



We will assist you with questions about design, installation, initial operation and acceptance - lessening your workload.

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Our service team will ensure that your technical safety systems are always working.

Giving you legal protection within the scope of technical standards and requirements regarding the maintenance and repair of your technical safety systems.

Built with cybersecurity in its DNA

More and more companies are caught in the crosshairs of hacker attacks. Cyberattacks often cause property damage in the millions. The risk potential is enormous in the digital age so that those affected are increasingly investing in defence mechanisms.

Without an adequate cyber strategy, companies not only endanger their systems but also their image. Information security is a top priority of Eaton.


Simple planning and installation with communication via the bus

Unlike any other technology, safety lighting is present in almost every building, whether it be emergency lighting in escape routes or safety lighting for illuminating escape routes and areas with particular hazards.

Safety lighting components can even be found in general lighting distributors. The challenge for modern safety lighting is to network all functions of an emergency lighting system in a secure manner in order to process product-specific applications across devices.

The new binding function allows all control, switching and phase monitoring functions of up to 32 DualGuard-S devices to be linked via the ACU DG-S bus to the connected CG-S luminaires.

Why it matters
  • Simple installation rules – Each DualGuard-S is connected to the ACU DG-S bus and receives Ethernet access.
  • Simple planning through the web visualisation/VisionGuard or the TFT touchscreen display because the programming can be adapted to the specific project.


We believe that emergency lighting systems offering the user further added value along with the emergency lighting function will prevail in the future.

Thanks to the new fast and high-performance ACU DG-S bus technology, we are well positioned to meet future requirements for our emergency lighting systems.

Safety above standards

Beyond the required CE declarations of conformity, Eaton offers system certification from accredited, independent test bodies for all emergency lighting products which are used for emergency lighting planning and have central battery systems.

All products such as:

  • Safety lighting and emergency lighting
  • Built-in modules in luminaires 
  • Bus phase monitors
  • Battery monitoring technology

and other system components are checked. A test for protection classes is performed in addition to various environmental tests. Furthermore, the products are tested for compliance with EMV requirements.

DualGuard-S - EMV Messkammer
Eaton's EMV measuring chamber in Soest, Germany
Other current and future requirements for technical standards are observed. Evidence of functional integrity can also be provided. Our third-party certifications meet the highest national and international standards.

Modular by design: flexible in all applications

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All devices and substations use a modular design. Charging equipment, switching equipment and monitoring equipment form units that operate independently of one another so that the possibility of interactions is excluded. The modular design and pre-assembled cabinet components guarantee flexible, high-quality implementation.

The protection objective of the emergency lighting system is to supply the connected safety lighting system in the event of a general power failure in the primary external power supply.

Furthermore, an important function of the emergency lighting system is to ensure the permanent operational capability of all the connected security and LED escape sign luminaires via automatic monitoring. Depending on the project requirement, the correct device model can be chosen from the DualGuard-S product family.

VisionGuard - clever visualisation

The "VisionGuard" visualisation software offers complete monitoring, control and configuration of all connected DualGuard-S central battery systems down to the luminaire level. The modern, web-based client/server structure permits installation and operation in any number of Windows-based IT environments.

VisionGuard can be accessed via the customary web browsers that are a constituent of every operating system - eliminating the need for elaborate installation and maintenance of proprietary client software. Furthermore, this enables platform-independent use of the visualization software. Through the responsive web design, the user interface automatically adapts to a variety of display sizes, meaning that mobile displays such as tablets or smartphones can be used for the visualization software without any problems. These advantages all combine to generate a high degree of user-friendliness.

VisionGuard shines with a multitude of features which offer the user plenty of opportunities for convenient notification and evaluation of the overall condition of the whole project, e.g. email, automatic printing functions, an alarm list with filter function, a comprehensive inspection log and much more. VisionGuard focuses on the essentials and has an impressively clear design.

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