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SafeLite - Central battery safety & exit sign

One product, several applications. SafeLite is a range of emergency anti-panic and escape route luminaires that can also be used as an exit-sign by purchasing optional sets of pictograms (conforming to ISO7010).

The housings are available in two IP rating options (IP42 & IP65) making SafeLite luminaires suitable for indoor or more industrial applications.

A wide range of accessories (recessed box, recessed base, double-sided diffuser and wire guard) will provide more flexibility and ease of integration within the building.

SafeLite - Central battery safety & exit sign
Several applications
Escape route, anti-panic, exit sign 20m or 30m
Light source
Latest generation of LEDs
Wide range of accessories available


  • 20 and 30m viewing distance
  • From 60 to 300lm light ouput
  • Available as CG-S, EC 1.5, 24/48 V and 110/220 V variant
  • Degree of protection IP42 and IP65
  • Surface or recessed installation
  • Same look and feel across the building

One product, several applications

SafeLite is a flexible range offering safety, escape route lighting or exit signs 20m and 30m viewing distance with different degrees of protection and several mounting options.

Achieve a modern, consistent look and feel across a building

Due to its flexible nature, SafeLite can be used throughout an installation in its various forms creating a consistent finish across a building.

Need help planning light distribution for either escape route or room illumination?

Download our datasheets to find planning assistance for the SafeLite 200 lm for E = 1.0 lx (0.5 lx) with light distribution mapping for mounting heights 2.5 to 7.5 m across both escape route and room illumination arrangement.

Flexible range of emergency exit sign options

Eaton's SafeLite single sided emergency exit sign 20m viewing distance
Wall single-sided 20m viewing distance
Eaton's SafeLite single sided emergency exit sign 30m viewing distance
Wall single-sided 30m viewing distance
Ceiling double-sided cone diffuser

Accessories adapted to the requirements of the building

Recessed bases for Eaton's SafeLite emergency safety and exit sign

For a seamless integration into a building

Choose between Eaton's recessed base or box for perfect integration of SafeLite in buildings.
Eaton's SafeLite safety light with protective wire guard

Protection against impacts in busy areas

Make the SafeLite even more protected from direct impact threats with the wire guard.

From one of the world's leading suppliers of emergency lighting, view the rest of Eaton's central battery safety & exit sign luminaires

Over 50 years of safe evacuation expertise

Eaton offers a wide range of emergency exit and safety luminaires. Featuring CEWA GUARD & STAR technology available as standard, they offer the basis for minimized inspection and maintenance costs. Innovative lighting technology combined with highly efficient LEDs ensure up to 70% less power consumption and significantly lower maintenance costs with a service life up to 50,000 hours.
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