Conversion kit LED - Self-contained conversion kit
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Conversion kit LED - Self-contained conversion kit

The Conversion Kit LED range is designed for converting mains LED lighting into emergency lighting in conjunction with LED modules and LED control gears. It is compatible with the majority of all dimmable and non-dimmable constant current mains LED Drivers for linear/area as well as downlight applications. It also can be used with normal fixed output or dimming LED control gear from 2,5W up to 4,1W emergency output power.

It is designed in a very small 35x23x185mm housing, making it ideal for use in compact LED luminaires where space is at a premium. This range is certified to conform with IEC61347-2-7 standard which makes the converted luminaries easily achieve compliance to IED60598-2-22 standard.

All models available are programmable by a jumper to an emergency operation of either 1 hour and 3 hours duration. The output forward voltage range of 3Vdc to 180Vdc makes this product range an ideal choice for driving most LED modules from mains lighting manufacturers available in the market today.

Conversion kit LED - Self-contained conversion kit
Selectable operating time 1h and 3h
Complete range
Available for low, medium and high voltage
Latest technology
Automatic testing and monitoring with CGLine+


  • Easy to install
  • ENEC certified
  • For LED modules with a forward voltage of 3- 180V
  • Output power limitation and SELV classified
  • Range of batteries depending on models and technology, with a polarity reversal protection from the battery connector
  • Automatic shutdown of output if LED load is out of range
  • Low profile casing (35x23x185mm)
  • Charging indicator
  • CGLine+ variants available

Simply the most flexible, reliable monitoring for peace of mind

The Conversion kit LED can be reliably and efficiently monitored thanks to CGLine+ technology.
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