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xEffect CS

Eaton's latest generation of CS sheet steel enclosures is especially rugged and can be used wherever a high level of protection is required, both to effectively protect against direct contact with live parts and to prevent damage to components due to ingress of liquids or dust. The enclosures come with IP66 degree of protection (UL/CSA types 1, 4, 12) thanks to a continuous CNC-foamed polyurethane gasket that prevents the ingress of water, oil and dirt. This is only one of the features that makes the CS series of enclosures the perfect match for sub-distribution boards in control systems for industrial buildings and machine building applications. In addition, these heavy-duty sheet steel enclosures meet the requirement set forth in IEC/EN 62208, meaning they are approved for use in switchgear assemblies as defined in IEC/EN 61439-2.

Degree of protection
Product Standard
IEC/EN 62208
Available models
with mounting-plate

Core features

Important functionalities
Safe and reliable enclosure technology for people who value their time

  • 45 standardized dimensions
  • Mounting plates with a thickness 2.0 or 3.0 mm for safe circuit breaker assembly
  • Impact-resistant locks made entirely from metal
  • Welded door profiles for mounting DIN rails or securing conduits and cables
  • Hinge pin with quick-change technology
  • PHZ-A comfort rotary handle as innovative accessory

Circuit protection - offering greater safety, quality and versatility

The extensive range of Eaton's high-quality NZM molded-case circuit breakers, N switch-disconnectors and XNH fuse-switch-disconnectors offers all the components you need to easily expand your enclosure. Thanks to the intelligent arrangement of the switchgear and the protective devices inside the enclosure, the power circuits affected in the event of a fault can be switched off safely.

CAD Data - effective planning and engineering

Planning and engineering with xEffect CS products. On this page, you can download the CAD data for electrical and mechanical designs from Eaton. 2D and 3D volume models are available as downloads through the Partcommunity data portal. Over 50 different formats, including STEP, DXF and DWG, guarantee compatibility with your engineering software, enabling you to plan safety and process automation projects at the click of a mouse. Thanks to the familiar product structure, you will find exactly the products and models you need, including the relevant selection data. In addition, you can also retrieve a data sheet for each product.

Compliance with all relevant standards

Eaton's xEffect CS empty enclosure meets the requirements of the IEC/EN 62208 and UL508A standards and is therefore approved for use in both machine building applications and low-voltage assemblies according to IEC/EN 61439-2.

Available in 45 sizes

xEffect CS wall-mount enclosures with mounting plate are available from stock in 45 different sizes. From the smallest (250 x 200 x 150 mm) to the largest enclosure (1,200 x 1,200 x 250 mm), Eaton offers a large selection of standardized products to match the needs of your application, whether you require a universal cabinet for low-voltage sub-distribution or a solution for machinery.

Extra stable mounting plates

The latest generation of the successful CS series comes with extra stable galvanized sheet steel mounting plates with a thickness of 2.0 or 3.0 mm (for sizes 800 x 400 mm and above) as standard. In order to achieve even greater stability, the large mounting plates are bent on the sides. For special applications, Eaton also offers perforated, galvanized and powder-coated mounting plates (color RAL2000) as accessories.

Standardized lock system

The impact-resistant locks, which are made entirely from metal, provide additional safety and security. One of the highlights of the enclosures is the PHZ-A comfort rotary handle, which can accommodate many of the standard euro profile half cylinders on the market. One of its most compelling features is the lock position indicator, allowing you to see right away whether the cylinder is in the "open" or "closed" position. In addition, the PHZ-A handle can be quickly fitted without having to remove the standard CS enclosure lock, which eliminates the need for locking rotary levers that require time-consuming installation.

Welded door profiles

All xEffect CS enclosures have welded door profile-rails in scope of delivery with perforations every 25 mm, for mounting DIN-rails or securing conduits and cables. Optionally the series offers precise-fit mounting MTR brackets, used to secure cable ducts without having to drill any holes.

Hinge pin with quick-change technology

The special hinge pins with quick-change technology enable you to quickly hinge the door on the left or the right, as each metal pin can be easily removed without any special tools, thereby preventing damage to the door gasket.

Eaton's SmartWire-DT

SmartWire-DT reduces the effort required for wiring, testing and commissioning by up to 85 %.