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BiWire two-wire fire alarm manual call point

Two versions of the BiWire two-wire manual call points are available: the indoor option which can be either surface or flush mounted and the weatherproof version. 

Both are compatible with Eaton's BiWire Flexi fire system, designed to be flexible fire alarm system solutions to protect offices, small warehouses, retail stores and primary schools. 

These call points are designed for fast and simple installation and are supplied as standard with a frangible glass element and a test key for ease of maintenance. A comprehensive range of accessories is available to maximise the functionality of the call point for particular applications.

Internal and weatherproof
Quick and easy
Maximise functionality

Simplicity is the key

The BiWire Manual Call Point gives you the freedom to choose between a replaceable glass fragile element or a polycarbonate resettable element for ease of reuse.

Complete with a reset key, the key gives you the ability to test the call point, reset a tripped call point, or remove the front cover to replace the glass element. Whichever version you choose, you can enjoy ease of operation.

BiWire Flexi - Your simpler, cheaper, more versatile choice for new & old fire projects

Whether fitting out a building extension, retrofitting an outdated system or looking to benefit from the cost and time benefits of two-wire technology on a new build and want to utilise certain conventional devices; BiWire Flexi gives you the power to adapt the system to the site.

Indoors or outdoors, install to suit the setting

The addressable call point range can be surface mounted using supplied back box, or recessed into a standard UK single gang back box. An IP65 outdoor option is also available to protect against harsher conditions such as water jets and dust.

Options, accessories and spares

A range of accessories and spare parts are available for the Addressable Manual Call Point including recessing bezels, spacing plates, a polycarbonate cover for protection from accidental activation and spare keys and elements.

Protective hinged cover
Spare elements (plastic or glass)
Spare reset and testing key
Eaton Weatherproof Addressable Manual Call Point
Weatherproof variant

Be less conventional with Eaton's range of two-wire fire alarm devices

From the world's leading supplier of fire notification devices, Eaton's range of 2-wire fire alarm devices helps you to maximise the BiWire system. From our 5 in 1 detector to our VAD compliant sounder beacon base, each device has been chosen specifically to be part of the BiWire device range for their quality, ease of use and low installation cost.

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