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Ultra-low current sounder for conventional fire systems

The Eaton Ultra Low Current Sounder for conventional fire alarm systems has been designed to provide a high sound output with low current consumption.

It is ideal for applications where high sound levels need to be achieved but where available sounder circuit capacity is limited.

Simple to install, the sounder uses a first fix backplate, onto which the main body attaches with a self-locking press fix assembly.

3 different tone options & separate volume control
Quick fix
Self locking press fix assembly
High sound output & low current consumption

'Loud and clear' wide area fire notification

A high output fire certified sounder that's capable of achieving 100dB to alert across large open spaces, or in areas of high ambient noise. It minimises the use of multiple sounders and is ideal if there is limited circuit capacity.

Easy to install with quick fit locking

The ultra-low current conventional fire alarm sounder has been designed for ease of installation with fast closure through its quick fit self-locking feature, and ease of wall mounting using its first fix back plate.

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