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Xenon sounder beacon for conventional fire systems

The Xenon Sounder Indicator is an audible and visual device which requires one single installation point to reduces costs of installation.

The high output sounder beacon has a 12v, 24v and mains module option and is suitable for a variety of applications. The device is for use on fire, industrial or security systems.

Two options are available,  the standard IP54 and the IP65 weatherproof variant.

Automatic sounder synchronization
Choice of lens colour options
Only requires a single installation point

Get the most out of your device

The Xenon sounder offers different versions with separate terminals or with the sounder and beacon linked. The available variants reduce installation costs and is less obtrusive than two separate devices. With an IP65 protection rating, the weatherproof version of the Xenon sounder indicator offers an ideal solution for installation in harsher environments.

Improved sound for greater clarity

The high output sounder beacon has had its tone clarity of up to 103dB(A) at 1 metre improved to help reduce confusion when it is sounded. With a clear and sharp sound, the alarm can be ideal for commercial buildings.

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