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UL Spur isolator unit for addressable fire systems

The unit enables a spur of analogue devices to be connected to a main analogue loop and is designed to simplify system extensions or installation to remote parts of buildings. Given its ability, the UL listed spur isolator provides a clever solution for building extensions and unique projects that require devices in remote areas of buildings. 

Please note that at the system design stage it should be ensured that the number of devices on the addressable spur and area of coverage meet the requirement NFPA72 and EN54.

The spur isolator unit is one of the many interfaces available to support Eaton’s range of UL addressable fire system control panels. 

UL Spur isolator unit for addressable fire systems
Simplifies system extensions & installation in remote building parts
Add up to 32 devices whilst maintaining loop addressing sequence
Quick connect
Easy to add to the system with no hard addressing required

Tailor your fire system to match project needs

An extensive range of interfaces are available to support Eaton's range of UL listed fire system control panels, providing solutions for most design requirements. These include interfaces for system extension and retrofitting, and ones to incorporate into external equipment such as generators and HVAC. The range will help you tailor your fire system to your exact requirements.

Plug, play and go with soft addressing

Eaton's spur isolator unit has been designed to utilise soft addressing with the panel providing a unique number to the device once connected. Reducing installation time, which if part of an extension and potentially decreasing building downtime is essential.

Extend the reach of your fire system, easily

When it comes to extending your fire system you want the process to be as easy as possible. The spur isolator unit is designed to simplify system extension. It will maintain the existing loop addressing sequence whilst you install up to 32 Eaton UL addressable devices as a spur off the main loop. This quick way to connect will save you both time and money when it comes to installation.

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