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UL Zone monitor unit for addressable fire systems

The UL zone monitor unit permits the connection of a zone of Eaton UL conventional detectors and pull stations (if required), to the Eaton addressable system. 

Housed in an IP65 rated box, the zone monitor unit provides a cost-effective means of utilizing the wiring of a pre-existing conventional zone.

Enabling a system designer to provide fire detection in a pre-existing area without affecting the building's aesthetics. Ideal for retrofitting older commercial and residential buildings into newer systems.

Cost effective
Easy system expansion using existing wiring
Can monitor compatible conventional detectors & pull stations
Style by design
Provides fire detection without affecting building aesthetics

Tailor your fire system to match project needs

An extensive range of interfaces are available to support Eaton's range of UL listed fire system control panels, providing solutions for most design requirements. These include interfaces for system extension and retrofitting, and ones to incorporate into external equipment such as generators and HVAC. The range will help you tailor your fire system to your exact requirements.

Pushing the limits with no maximum number of pull stations per zone

This interface was to designed to ease the process of expanding a system of up to 20 Eaton UL conventional detectors using existing wiring, saving on time and installation costs. No hard addressing is required making installation even more simple. The unit monitors inputs for open, short circuit and ground trouble and allows an unlimited number of conventional pull stations per zone.

Connect conventional devices to addressable fire systems the easy way

Using a simple interface can remove any concern you have about integrating an existing fire system with a new one, even when one of those is conventional and the other addressable. The zone monitor unit will connect existing detectors and pull stations to your new addressable system using existing wiring, nothing could be as quick and simple.

Eaton's zone monitor units are compatible with our range UL of conventional detectors and pull stations

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