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Comet series sensors

Eaton's Comet photoelectric sensors series is a complete line of high-performance, 18 mm tubular devices with a variety of models and modes to solve virtually any sensing problem. The sensors are available in thru-beam, reflex, polarised reflex, diffuse reflective, focused diffuse reflective, wide-angle diffuse reflective, Perfect ProxR, fine-spot Perfect ProxR and fibre-optic sensing. Perfect ProxR is one of the most powerful problem-solving sensors available. These sensors can reliably detect targets of different colour, reflectance, contrast or surface shape at the same range, while ignoring background objects just a fraction of an inch away.

Sensing range:
from 40 mm to 24,000 mm
straight or right-angled
visible sensing beam

Core features

  • The industry standard 18 mm diameter threaded body has flat sides, allowing it to be mounted like a tubular sensor or against any flat surface
  • Right-angle viewing models mount in a depth of only 6/10th of an inch
  • The Perfect Prox technology provides exceptional background rejection and application problem-solving
  • Visible sensing beams let you see where the beam is aimed for quick set-up and alignment
  • A solid polyurethane housing completely encapsulates the internal circuits for high resistance to shock and vibration
  • An adaptable modulation circuit provides immunity to crosstalk from other closely mounted sensors
  • The industry's only background rejection sensors with a 2-wire circuit design
  • Models available with both AC and DC operation in a single unit up to 264 volts AC
  • 4-wire DC sensors offer both NPN and PNP outputs
  • Output status indicator visible from a wide 270<°> angle
  • Eaton's cost-effective Prism series, OEM Prism series and premium Comet series all share the same 18 mm flat-sided housing. This results in the largest interchangeable sensor family available, allowing you to select from well over 250 different models to solve the widest variety of sensing applications. 

Comet series – a complete range for numerous applications

The high-performance light barriers feature a tubular enclosure with a diameter of 18 mm and are available in a range of versions to solve virtually any sensing problem. Internal components are rigidly sealed in a solid encapsulated package for excellent performance in high-vibration and high-shock applications.
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