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NanoView series sensors

Eaton's NanoView series is available in a variety of optical sensing modes, including polarised, diffuse, fixed-focus, thru-beam with narrow-beam option and clear-object detection. They are housed in ABS enclosures rated IP66 or better and feature two top-mounted indicators to clearly communicate the power and output status. All models are 10–30 V DC and come with global approvals.

NanoView series sensors
Sensing range:
from 100 mm to 6,000 mm
Small size:
(HxWxD) 32x12x20 mm
light/dark switching

Core features

  • Each model includes both light and dark operation modes.
  • At less than 1.5 inches long and half an inch deep, NanoView can fit into the smallest of spaces
  • Fixed-focus diffuse models are perfect for sensing very small targets at a 4-inch focal point.
  • A visible red LED beam makes set-up easy
  • Clear object detection models are ideal for sensing plastic bottles, moulds, cartons, films and glass objects.
  • Highly visible indicator LEDs provide power and output status.
  • The rugged ABS housings ensure survivability in difficult application environments.

E71 NanoView series

A complete range of miniature rectangular photoelectric sensors designed for optimum value and sensing performance for applications where space is limited.
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