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IntelliView sensors series

The IntelliView series from Eaton is a family of compact, high-performance speciality photoelectric sensors designed to solve a wide array of sensing challenges. IntelliView encompasses a variety of new sensing technologies: colour, contrast and luminescence sensing; field-adjustable foreground and background suppression sensing; short-range distance sensing with analogue outputs; and long-range, high-precision laser distance sensing with analogue outputs. To fit into your application, IntelliView sensors are available in industry standard M18 flat-tubular and compact rectangular package sizes. For ease of installation and replacement, all models are available with micro connectors.

Sensing range:
from 100 mm to 4,000 mm
4/5/8-wired versions
Direct configuration:
via integrated pushbuttons and LED indicators

Core features

  • Small size, big solutions – IntelliView sensors come in either compact rectangular or flat-tubular package sizes, both with rugged sealed enclosures
  • Simple “teach in” installation – most models include a teach mode, allowing for quick and simple installation and set-up
  •  Adjustable background suppression – for the first time, Eaton offers a fully field-adjustable background suppression photoelectric sensor capable of detecting targets as far as 3.9 ft. (1.9 m) away
  • LED indicators and pushbuttons – multiple LEDs communicate output and power status while built-in pushbuttons and adjustment potentiometers simplify the teaching of sensor settings
  • C-UL listed and CE approved – accepted worldwide

E75/E76 IntelliView series

This family of compact, high-performance speciality photoelectric sensors encompasses a variety of new technologies: colour, contrast and UV sensing; field adjustable foreground/background suppression; analogue distance measurement; and laser sensing.
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