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Length  Cat No.  Weight (Kg)  Emergency Cat No.  Weight (Kg)
Standard Luminaires (White finish - complete with two end caps and two 1.5M suspensions)
1200mm  KCAWS12254Z  8.2 ELKCAWS12254Z  9.6
1200mm  KCAWS12354Z  8.2 ELKCAWS12354Z  9.6
1200mm  KCAWS12604Z  8.2 ELKCAWS12604Z 9.6
1500mm  KCAWS15254Z  9.5 ELKCAWS15254Z  10.2
1500mm  KCAWS15454Z  9.5 ELKCAWS15454Z  10.2
1500mm  KCAWS15704Z 9.5 ELKCAWS15704Z  10.2
Continuous Luminaires (White finish – complete with one 1.5M suspension)
1200mm  KCAWC12254Z  8.1 ELKCAWC12254Z  9.5
1200mm  KCAWC12354Z  8.1 ELKCAWC12354Z  9.5
1200mm  KCAWC12604Z  8.1 ELKCAWC12604Z 9.5
1500mm  KCAWC15254Z  9.4 ELKCAWC15254Z  10.1
1500mm  KCAWC15454Z 9.4 ELKCAWC15454Z  10.1
1500mm  KCAWC15704Z 9.4 ELKCAWC15704Z  10.1
Infill Section (White finish – complete with one 1.5M suspension)
1500mm  KCAWC15DS    
1800mm  KCAWC18DS    
For Continuous variants, please note you will require two suspension kits per end and one for each of the subsequent mid-continuous luminaires.
End caps are provided separately, please order a set of two for each luminaire.
For DALI dimming option, replace part number character Z with DD, e.g. KCAWC12254KZ becomes KCAWC12254KDD
For Silver finish – RAL 9006 – replace part number character W with S, e.g. KCAWC12254KZ becomes KCASC12254KZ
Description  Cat No.  Weight (kg)
Kachina End Caps – White RAL 9016 set of two  KCAWEPS 0.32
Kachina End Caps – Silver RAL 9006 set of two  KCASEPS  0.32
Kachina Suspension Kit – Single 1500mm  KCA1500SK  0.05

Technical specification

Light Engine and Control Gear • High efficacy linear LED light engines
• >80 CRI 4000°K
• Energy efficient fixed output control gear as standard
• DALI dimmable options available
Materials • Body – aluminium extrusion and steel - RAL 9016 white finish (RAL 9006 silver version available)
• Diffuser – acrylic microprism and dispersal diffuser combination
Options • Two luminaire lengths – 1200mm and 1500mm
• Three lumen outputs per luminaire length
• Fully integral emergency conversion, 3 hour duration
• Emergency versions available with automatic test functionality available to special order, reducing maintenance costs and offering ease of compliance with testing requirements
• Suitable for use on defined escape routes
• Lighting control and emergency management options including integrated occupancy and daylight detectors
Installation Notes • Suitable for ceiling mounting using the defined suspension kits
• Fitted with quick fix male and female socket for rapid installation (continuous versions)
• Supplied with diffuser and light engines pre-fitted, no need to remove during installation
• Fused as standard
• Supplied with 1.5m flexible cable 4C/6C (stand alone versions)
Specification To specify state: Suspended single / continuous, luminaire system, extruded aluminium construction with post coat powder paint finish, high performance up down distribution with high output light engines and integrated emergency / sensor options, as Eaton’s Kachina range, part no.__________