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Part numbers

Family Description  Cat No.  Lumens (Lms) Circuit Watts (W) Luminaire Efficacy (Llm/cW) Weight (Kg)
LED Low Bay  15K Area FO  LLBA1504KZ  14859 97 153 3.13
LED Low Bay  22K Area FO  LLBA2254KZ  21945 146 151 3.41
LED Low Bay  35K Area FO  LLBA3504KZ  35978 249 145 4.11
LED Low Bay Low Glare  Low Glare15K Narrow FO  LLBLGN1504KZ  14063 97 145 3.05
LED Low Bay Low Glare  Low Glare 22K Narrow FO  LLBLGN2254KZ  20604 146 141 3.18
LED Low Bay Low Glare  Low Glare 35K Narrow FO  LLBLGN3504KZ  33779 249 136 4.07
LED Low Bay  Rear mounting bracket - Small  LLBMBS        0.72
LED Low Bay  Rear mounting bracket - Large  LLBMBL        0.83
LED Low Bay  Digital 2 way programmer  LCSQSP        
For Emergency option add EL in front of catalogue number, e.g. - LLBA1504KZ becomes ELLLBA1504KZ
For DALI dimming option, replace catalogue number character Z with DD, e.g. LLBA1504KZ becomes LLBA1504KDD
For Sensor option add S in front of catalogue number e.g. - LLBA1504KZ becomes SLLBA1504KZ
* For PIR and/or Emergency versions add 18.0mm to the overall depth    

Technical specification

LED and Control Gear
• High efficacy linear LED light engines
• >80 CRI 4000°K
• Energy efficient control gear as standard
• DALI dimmable options available
• Body – Full box steel construction powder coated in RAL 9016 white finish
• Gear tray – Aluminium RAL9005
• Reflectors – Faceted finish zero iridescence anodised aluminium
Installation Notes • Suitable for rod, chain and canalis suspension strap
• Trunking mounting available via BESA bracket, available as an accessory
• Rapid install Plug and Play panel mounted connector
• Fused as standard
Options • Nominal lumens and wattage*
– 15000 lumens, 97W
– 22000 lumens, 146W
– 35000 lumens, 249W
• Fixed output or DALI LED driver
• Emergency, fully integrated
– 3 hour duration
• Fully integrated PIR sensor module options for presence, occupancy and daylight control – detection height up to 12m
• Sensor programmed via Digital 2 way programmer – LCSQSP
*Lumen values differ for the narrow louvred option, see table below for specific values.
Specification To specify state: Eaton LED Low Bay luminaire. High output high efficacy 4000K Ra 80 LED chip with high efficiency fixed output or DALI LED driver as standard with plug and socket connection, as Eaton’s LED Low Bay, part no: ________________________