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Part numbers

Nominal Length  Optic  Catalogue numbers  Weight (Kg)  Emergency catalogue numbers Weight (Kg)
Standard Luminaires (Emergency versions up to 10m)
1200mm  Wide Area Reflector  LNLA1504KZ  5.5 ELLNLA1504KZ  6.2
1800mm  Wide Area Reflector  LNLA2254KZ  8.1 ELLNLA2254KZ  9.0
1800mm  Wide Area Reflector  LNLA3004KZ  8.1 ELLNLA3004KZ  9.0
1800mm  Wide Area Reflector  LNLA3504KZ  8.1 ELLNLA3504KZ 9.0
1200mm  Narrow Reflector  LNLN1504KZ  5.5 ELLNLN1504KZ 6.2
1800mm  Narrow Reflector  LNLN2254KZ  8.1 ELLNLN2254KZ  9.0
1800mm  Narrow Reflector LNLN3004KZ  8.1 ELLNLN3004KZ  9.0
1800mm  Narrow Reflector  LNLN3504KZ  8.1 ELLNLN3504KZ 9.0
1200mm  Rack Reflector LNLR1504KZ 5.7 ELLNLR1504KZ  6.4
1800mm  Rack Reflector  LNLR2254KZ  8.2 ELLNLR2254KZ  9.1
1800mm  Rack Reflector  LNLR3004KZ  8.1 ELLNLR3004KZ  9
1800mm  Rack Reflector  LNLR3504KZ  8.1 ELLNLR3504KZ  9
Emergency Luminaire - for mounting heights up to 20m
1200mm  Wide Area Reflector  - - ELHLNLA1504KZ  6.2
1800mm  Wide Area Reflector  - - ELHLNLA2254KZ  9
1800mm  Wide Area Reflector - - ELHLNLA3004KZ  9
1800mm  Wide Area Reflector - - ELHLNLA3504KZ  9
1200mm  Narrow Reflector - - ELHLNLN1504KZ  6.2
1800mm  Narrow Reflector - - ELHLNLN2254KZ 9
1800mm  Narrow Reflector  - - ELHLNLN3004KZ  9
1800mm  Narrow Reflector  - - ELHLNLN3504KZ  9
1200mm  Rack Reflector - - ELHLNLR1504KZ  6.4
1800mm  Rack Reflector  - - ELHLNLR2254KZ 9.1
1800mm Rack Reflector - - ELHLNLR3004KZ 9
1800mm  Rack Reflector - - ELHLNLR3504KZ  9
Luminaire with switching low level sensor (up to 3m mounting height)
1200mm  Wide Area Reflector  CLNLA1504KZ  5.7 ELCLNLA1504KZ  6.4
1800mm  Wide Area Reflector  CLNLA2254KZ 8.5 ELCLNLA2254KZ 9.4
1200mm  Narrow Reflector CLNLN1504KZ  5.7 ELCLNLN1504KZ 6.4
1800mm  Narrow Reflector  CLNLN2254KZ  8.5 ELCLNLN2254KZ  9.4
1200mm  Rack Reflector  CLNLR1504KZ  5.9 ELCLNLR1504KZ  6.6
1800mm  Rack Reflector  CLNLR2254KZ  8.6 ELCLNLR2254KZ  9.5
Luminaire with switching medium level sensor (up to 9m mounting height)
1200mm  Wide Area Reflector  MLNLA1504KZ  5.7 ELMLNLA1504KZ  6.4
1800mm  Wide Area Reflector  MLNLA2254KZ 8.5 ELMLNLA2254KZ  9.4
1800mm  Wide Area Reflector  MLNLA3004KZ  8.5 ELMLNLA3004KZ  9.4
1800mm  Wide Area Reflector  MLNLA3504KZ  8.5 ELMLNLA3504KZ  9.4
1200mm  Narrow Reflector  MLNLN1504KZ  5.7 ELMLNLN1504KZ 6.4
1800mm  Narrow Reflector  MLNLN2254KZ  8.5 ELMLNLN2254KZ  9.4
1800mm  Narrow Reflector  MLNLN3004KZ  8.5 ELMLNLN3004KZ 9.4
1800mm  Narrow Reflector  MLNLN3504KZ  8.5 ELMLNLN3504KZ 9.4
1200mm  Rack Reflector  MLNLR1504KZ  5.9 ELMLNLR1504KZ  6.6
1800mm  Rack Reflector  MLNLR2254KZ  8.6 ELMLNLR2254KZ  9.5
1800mm  Rack Reflector  MLNLR3004KZ  8.5 ELMLNLR3004KZ  9.4
1800mm  Rack Reflector  MLNLR3504KZ 8.5 ELMLNLR3504KZ  9.4
Luminaire with switching high level sensor (up to 16m mounting height)
1200mm  Wide Area Reflector  ULNLA1504KZ 5.7 ELHULNLA1504KZ  6.4
1800mm  Wide Area Reflector  ULNLA2254KZ  8.5 ELHULNLA2254KZ  9.4
1800mm  Wide Area Reflector  ULNLA3004KZ  8.5 ELHULNLA3004KZ 9.4
1800mm  Wide Area Reflector  ULNLA3504KZ  8.5 ELHULNLA3504KZ  9.4
1200mm  Narrow Reflector  ULNLN1504KZ  5.7 ELHULNLN1504KZ  6.4
1800mm  Narrow Reflector  ULNLN2254KZ  8.5 ELHULNLN2254KZ  9.4
1800mm  Narrow Reflector  ULNLN3004KZ  8.5 ELHULNLN3004KZ  9.4
1800mm  Narrow Reflector  ULNLN3504KZ  8.5 ELHULNLN3504KZ  9.4
1200mm  Rack Reflector  ULNLR1504KZ  5.9 ELHULNLR1504KZ  6.6
1800mm  Rack Reflector  ULNLR2254KZ  8.6 ELHULNLR2254KZ  9.5
1800mm  Rack Reflector  ULNLR3004KZ  8.5 ELHULNLR3004KZ  9.4
1800mm  Rack Reflector  ULNLR3504KZ  8.5 ELHULNLR3504KZ  9.4
For DALI dimming option, replace part number character Z with DD, e.g. LNLA1504KZ becomes LNLA1504KDD

Technical specification

Lamp and Control Gear Options • High efficacy linear LED light engines
• >80 CRI 4000K
• Energy efficient control gear as standard
• DALI dimmable options available
Materials • Body – full box steel construction powder coated in RAL 9016 white finish
• Reflectors – faceted finish (wide area) and satin finish (Narrow and Rack) zero iridescence anodised aluminium
• Wire guard – heavy duty zinc plated steel, 25mm grid size
Installation Notes • Suitable for ceiling, conduit, chain, rod and trunking mounting
• Optional quick fit mounting brackets for surface mounting (LNLMB)
• Supplied with diffuser and light engines pre-fitted, no need to remove during installation
• Access flap on the rear of housing to aid wiring during installation
• Fused as standard
• Wire guard is a retrofit accessory secured by screws, hangs for ease of maintenance
Options • Fully integral emergency conversion, 3 hour duration
• Emergency versions available with automatic test functionality as an option, reducing maintenance costs and offers ease of compliance with testing requirements
• Suitable for use on defined escape routes
• Wide area, narrow and rack reflector options provide efficient utilisation for specific applications
• Lighting control options including integrated occupancy and daylight detectors for mounting up to 16m
• We offer a range of product support contracts to aid commissioning, reduce your maintenance costs, comply with
legislative test requirements and increase the lifespan of your lighting equipment
Specification To specify state: Surface mounted, LED high/low bay luminaire, of
full box welded construction with post coat powder paint finish, high performance faceted/satin reflectors for Wide Area/Narrow/ Rack with high output light engines and integrated emergency sensor/wire guard options, as Eaton’s Linergy LED range, part no. ___________