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Part numbers

Cat No  Description  Lumen Output (lm)  Circuit Watts (W)  Efficacy (Llm/cW)
Standard Fixed Output
WL24274KZ  Wavelite LED 4’ 2700lm 4K HF  2772 22.6 122.5
WL24364KZ  Wavelite LED 4’ 3600lm 4K HF  3671 31.2 117.6
WL24454KZ Wavelite LED 4’ 4500lm 4K HF  4587 41.0 111.9
WL24604KZ  Wavelite LED 4’ 6000lm 4K HF  6008 53.1 113.1
WL25284KZ  Wavelite LED 5’ 2800lm 4K HF 2874 22.1 129.7
WL25374KZ  Wavelite LED 5’ 3700lm 4K HF  3728 28.4 126.8
WL25494KZ  Wavelite LED 5’ 4900lm 4K HF  4966 41.1 120.8
WL25684KZ Wavelite LED 5’ 6800lm 4K HF  6809 61.2 111.2
WL25764KZ  Wavelite LED 5’ 7600lm 4K HF  7660 72.0 106.5
WL26544KZ  Wavelite LED 6’ 5400lm 4K HF  5438 42.6 127.7
WL26884KZ  Wavelite LED 6’ 8800lm 4K HF  8854 77.7 114.0
Description  Cat No  Weight (kg)    
Wavelite Suspension Kit, 1.5m drop wire (pair)  WLTSKIT  0.1    
For Emergency versions please add the EL prefix, e.g. WL25374KZ becomes ELWL25374KZ.
For Emergency versions the circuit watts will increase by 1.5W to account for the charging circuit.
For DALI dimmable options please replace the Z suffix with DD e.g. WL25374KZ becomes WL25374KDD
Refer to the catalogue number matrix for other options.    

Technical specification

Lamp and Control Gear Options • High efficacy linear LED light engines
• >80CRI, 4000°K
• Energy efficient fixed output control gear as standard
• DALI dimmable control gear option
Materials • Body and gear tray– Sheet steel, powder coated in RAL9016 white finish
• End caps – injection moulded ABS, colour matched to the body
• Diffuser panel – TPa rated, fire retardant, UV stabilised polycarbonate
Installation Notes • Suitable for direct fix or suspended mounting (suspension kits contain a pair of drop wires and must be ordered as separate items)
• Suitable for direct fix via the BESA or embossed fixing points.
• Terminal block with 2 x 2.5mm² cable capacity per termination
• Hinged gear tray for ease of installation
• Diffusers are retained by screws for tamper resistant tooled access
• IP40 rating applies when installed flush to a flat mounting surface, not when suspended
Options • DALI dimming option
• Intelligent light and energy management options:
- End mounted IP20 rated sensor with switching or dimming function, with/without photocell
• ‘Corridor function’ control available to special order with the ‘CO’ suffix
• Fully integral combined non-maintained emergency, 3 hour duration. Suitable for use on defined escape routes.
• We offer a range of product support contracts to aid commissioning, reduce your maintenance costs, comply with legislative test requirements and maximise the lifespan of your lighting equipment
Specification To specify state: Architectural linear surface/suspended/wall mount luminaire, 56mm wide, 115mm deep suitable for individual or end to end mounting with extruded aluminium body and UV stable polycarbonate diffuser as Eaton’s LSN range, part no.______