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Capitole 40

Eaton's Capitole 40 switchgear and controlgear assembly is availiable up to 6300 A / 690 V. The system's design is verified by testing in accordance with IEC-61439 and IEC TR 61641 criteria 1 to 7. Capitole 40 includes a full range of withdrawable and fixed functional units comprising of feeders, bus couplers, motor starters and distribution feeders. Ideal application areas for Capitole 40 are (petro) chemical industries, oil and gas exploration (on- and offshore), process industries, power stations and packaged substations.

Capitole 40
Rated current
up to 6300 A
Rated voltage
up to 690 V
Short-time current
up to 100 kA - 1s

Core features

Flexible design

  • Motor control and distribution functions
  • Withdrawable and fixed designs
  • Conventional and intelligent motor management solutions with Clink II
  • Front and rear access
  • Form 4a and form 4b separations
  • Top and/or bottom cable entry 


Reliable and safe in operation

  • High degree of internal protection up to IP40
  • Main busbar and dropper bars are epoxy insulated and arc free 
  • Fully encapsulated, arc free distribution busbar prevents failures
  • Arc free motor starters and feeders
  • Highest level of design verification in accordance with IEC 61439-2 : "verified by testing"
  • Arc fault tested complying with criteria 1 up to and including 7 of the IEC TR 61641
  • Unique scissor shaped contacts for withdrawable designs
  • Maintenance free joints due to systematic torques and connections

A safe, smart switchgear ensuring maximum up-time

The compartments and cable connections of the drawout units can be modified without process interruption. Eaton's optional microprocessor-based automation system Clink II ensures the optimum integration between the operation process and the electrical controls via serial communication. To maximise safety, racking behind closed doors is available.

A flexible electric power system to meet your needs

The standard panels connect at the front or rear and cables enter at the top or bottom. Eaton also offers standardized designs for back-to-back, U or L-shaped lineups and panels with reduced height. For further customization, additional options are available, such as units for power factor improvement and harmonic filtration, soft starters, frequency converters, PLC-controlled synchronization, and changeover equipment.

Low maintenance due to scissor-shaped contacts

No maintenance is required on the distribution busbars due to the scissor-shaped contacts. These contacts prevent welding to the distribution busbar in case of a short circuit. Moreover, racking withdrawable motor starters and feeders does not cause any wear and tear on the distribution busbar. If needed, the scissor contacts can be changed quickly and easily. 

All parts are accessible from the front, with optional cable connections at the rear available – keeping down-time to a minimum. 

Approved for marine use by Lloyd’s Register

By making small modifications, the standard Capitole 40 version meets the requirements of Lloyd's Register Type Approval for application on marine, industrial and offshore applications for use in environmental categories ENV1, ENV2 and ENV3 (as defined in Lloyd's Register Type Approval System, Test Specification number 1, 2002). The Type Approval is granted after conducting the relevant tests while taking into consideration the degree of protection, vibration, shock resistance etc. A certificate is available upon request.