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Power Xpert Protection Manager (PXPM)

Eaton’s Power Xpert Protection Manager (PXPM) provides a clean, intuitive user interface, enabling unmatched control, testing and troubleshooting. The software is free to download and can run on any PC.

Settings and tests are communicated to trip units via USB or through connected networks, no special test equipment is required.

Troubleshooting is greatly simplified, using historical event summaries and real-time data provided by the Power Xpert Release (PXR) trip units and saving the customer time and money.

Power Xpert Protection Manager (PXPM)

for unmatched control


Features include:

  • Set point configuration: allows direct-to-trip unit or offline setup, including duplication of settings between units
  • Trip unit control mode: capture single-cycle waveforms, reset trip unit or set the date/time in the breaker
  • Event summary explorer: review latest 200 events stored in the PXR trip unit, plus detailed information on the most recent 10 trip and 10 alarm events, and time adjustments to the real-time clock
  • Real-time data view: provides information regarding all status and metered data directly from the trip unit
  • Customisable reports: create printable PDF reports of real-time data, breaker settings and setpoint changes, captured waveforms and results of performed secondary injection tests, customisable with customer information
  • Trip test: test mechanical functionality of breaker

Ease of integration

The Power Xpert Protection Manager expands trip unit capability, and allows direct-to-trip unit or offline set-up, including duplication of settings between units.


Simplify your maintenance

Perform secondary injection and test reporting with Eaton’s Power Xpert Protection Manager software with no additional hardware.

Complete breaker and trip unit testing

Eaton's PXPM provides breaker testing and current sensor testing through insertion of codes. This unique offering from PXR/PXPM ensures complete testing of the functionality of a breaker and electronic trip unit.

Power Xpert Protection Manager software Functionality and capability preview

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