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Emergency lighting services

Emergency Lighting solutions can be challenging to understand and there is a need for a breadth of knowledge on the subject to ensure the safety of people and property. As a market-leading Emergency Lighting provider, we demonstrate this expertise and constantly work to ensure that our service standards meet your needs precisely. This includes the experience of being an emergency lighting specialist for more than 50 years. Any potential defect can have serious consequences on the security of the installation. For this reason, Eaton can assure you that your building’s safety system is there when you need it most.

Through our services portfolio, we are your partner from the design to the maintenance of your safety installation. Just like our products, our services comply with current standards and ensure safe evacuation. Eaton's support ensures that your equipment is running at peak performance, with our trained service team on hand to minimize risks by detecting and addressing problems before they happen.

Our daily mission is to offer you solutions for new projects, renovations and extensions and to assist you in their implementation. We use our specialist know-how to provide you with financially viable solutions that combine regulatory compliance, technical feasibility and long-term durability.


Start with the leader - As one of the world’s leading suppliers of emergency lighting, Eaton has tailor-made solutions for you

  • Bespoke product development to realize customer requirements from concept to production.
  • On-site we have an experienced project design, customer support and technical service teams to provide complete emergency lighting solutions.
  • Eaton offer a network of technicians available to customers and partners for the commissioning and on-site maintenance of safety systems. This is because safety, beyond products, is also built through an efficient service environment.
  • With test and design capabilities on site, our energy efficient products and innovative technologies help to lower operating and maintenance costs, with solutions to maximize your space and the user experience, whilst ensuring compliance with all relevant safety legislation.
  • Our dedicated team of trained, highly skilled engineers boast years of experience to create service and maintenance contracts tailored to your individual requirements.
Checking emergency lighting systems in a cold food store

From start to finish, discover how Eaton can support at every step of the process

We have developed an extensive support network, designed to meet the needs of your project and give you peace of mind at the most important time. 

Eaton's Soest EMC testing facility for emergency lighting

Eaton has a long history of expertise in the life safety industry with a commitment to deliver market-leading solutions

Innovation, tests and compliance for more reliability - We constantly innovate for contemporary design and technologies. Customers light engineering requirements are fully tested at in-house laboratories.

We also expose newly developed products to extreme conditions and life cycle testing. As a commitment to deliver high quality for all products and employees, Eaton’s emergency lighting manufacturing facilities are certified ISO 9001. Most of our products and complete systems are 3rd party certified.