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UL Voice evacuation fire phone equipment

UL Voice Evacuation Fire Phone equipment works with the CW-HMX range of Master and Distributed voice alarm panels. The optional fire phone accessories give the system two-way communication capability.

Fixed telephone and warden stations are available in surface/semi-flush mount cabinets with thumb turn latches. Fire phone jacks are mounted on a single gang plate.

UL Voice evacuation fire phone equipment
Voice evacuation system fire phone customisation
Fire phones, warden & area of refuge stations
Suitable for small and high-rise applications

A flexible voice alarm system adaptable to high-rise applications

The UL Voice Evacuation Fire Phone range works in harmony with the CW-HMX Master and Distributed panels, enabling you to customise your system to suit building requirements

Connection of the CW-HMX Master Panel to up to 256 Distributed panels will enable installation of the voice alarm system into high-rise buildings, each providing 4 class B speaker zones (expandable to 8 class B or 4 Class A). Each Distributed panel can also be configured to support up to 16 optional fire phone circuits.

NB: Number of distributed panels to be determind by building specifications



Emergency situation? Unfamiliar surrroundings? Get the message through!

The evacuation of a commercial building can be triggered by a growing array of potential threats, including fire, acts of terrorism or extreme weather. With the growing number of busy, complicated or unfamiliar buildings, the process of guiding people to safety is becoming increasingly complex. Public address and voice alarm (PAVA) systems are key to giving clear messages that guide individuals to safety, which is why they are an essential part in evacuation planning today.

Design a voice alarm system to suit your building's requirements

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