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Microphone station for public address & voice alarm systems

EF-EMS emergency microphone station range enables the broadcast of live and pre-recorded messages during an emergency or everyday public addresses. The range is compatible with Eaton’s EFDAU2000 public address and voice alarm system. All microphones in the range provide EN54 compliant emergency functions and all EN54 mandatory indicators and controls.

Housed in a lockable wall-mounting box, the microphones feature a graphic LCD display together with indicators for ease of operation. The LCD display provides remote access to the list of active faults in the system, while the EN54 mandated control keys enable navigation through the fault list, and provide remote fault acceptance and clearance. Microphones are connected directly to the EFDAU2000 voice alarm panels.

The models offer end users a variety of options: An All-Call version, with no additional buttons (EF-EMS01). A 10 or 20 button selection capability (EF-EMS10 / EF-EMS20). Where additional buttons are required, the EF-EMS50 is formed from an EF-EMS20 and an EFEMX30 30 button expansion unit. 

Microphone station for public address & voice alarm systems
Live and pre-recorded broadcasting
EN54 mandated controls and indicators
User friendly
LCD graphic display

Unfamiliar building, emergency situation, would you know what to do?

Today, in a world where there are a growing array of threats such as fire, acts of terrorism and extreme weather, coupled with an increase in buildings with complicated layouts, the task of guiding people to safety in event of an emergency is more challenging than ever. With pre-recorded and live messaging given through public address and voice alarm systems the task is much easier and can potentially reduce evacuation time by 50%.

Power over ethernet connectivity

EF-EMS emergency microphone stations offer power over ethernet capability for VoIP connections to IP based systems, using a non-EN54 RJ45 ethernet IP interface.

The standard EFDAU2000 microphone interface can also be configured to operate over ethernet, resulting in ease of maintenance, and enhanced data transfer quality.

Design a voice alarm system to suit your building's requirements

The EF-EMS microphone can be tailored to meet your requirements. With a simple all-call version, or button expansion models, they can connect directly to one or two EFDAU2000 panels. With desktop microphones also available as part of the range, voice alarm systems have never been easier to design. 
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