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Product Codes

Code Description
EF-EMS01 Emergency Microphone Station - 1 Button – IP & Analogue
EF-EMS10 Emergency Microphone Station - 10 Button – IP & Analogue
EF-EMS20 Emergency Microphone Station - 20 Button – IP & Analogue
EF-EMX30 Emergency Microphone Station - 30 Button – Expansion module for EF-EMS20

Emergency Microphone Station - 50 Button - IP & Analogue 

(order EF-EMS20 plus EF-EMX30)

Technical Specifications

Power supply  
Input voltage: Dual 18 to 48 V DC
Current Consumption @ 24V (nom.- sounder & LEDs off)  
EF-EMS01 90mA
EF-EMS10 95mA
EF-EMS20 100mA
EF-EMS50 115mA 115mA
Current Consumption @ 24V (max. - sounder & LEDs on)  
EF-EMS01  165mA
EF-EMS10  220mA
EF-EMS20  275mA
EF-EMS50  440mA
Analogue system connection  
Audio output dual  Analogue / 0dBu nominal / 220R
Hardware bypass interface  2 x PTT & 2 x speak now
Listen in input  Single analogue
IP System connection  
Connection 1 x 100BASE- T Ethernet (RJ45)
Audio format  PMC Compliant VoIP
Dimensions (H x W x D mm)  
EF-EMS01/10/20  402.4 x 344 x 95
EF-EMS50 660.8 x 344 x 95
Weight (EF-EMS01)  5.8kg
Weight (EF-EMS10)  6.0kg
Weight (EF-EMS20)  6.2kg
Weight (EF-EMS50)  9.1kg
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